TN: 2016 Whitewater Syrah, Monkshood Winery, Colorado

Note: This bottle was one of two I was sent by Kyle Schlacter for tasting and one of the 13 finalists in the recent Colorado Governor’s Cup wine competition. The bottle has been subjected to some heavy recent travelling. Fedexed from Colorado to the Boston suburbs in mid-November, and then taken on a drive from MA to FL the first of December. It has rested for about three weeks.
Opened this wine at our weekly wine, cheese, baguette ritual for Christmas dinner. First glass without food: rich purple-red color, opaque or nearly so, not much nose to me with first glass, but first sip . . . really nice. Full, ripe fruit, a tiny bit of bite at the end but pleasant spice and warmth extending to aftertaste. Compelled to take another sip. I like this.
Drank the rest of the bottle with the food. Wine is very smooth, balanced, and flavorful. Took us for a very comfortable ride through all four cheeses (fresh goat, brie, comte, manchego) with ease. Before pouring our third glass, I asked my wife if she wanted more and she nodded quite aggressively. (‘nuf said”!?). Stopped drinking only to give ourselves room for the key lime pie dessert. (Maybe a glass or so left in the bottle.)
This was a very good to excellent wine. I know that it did not “win” the Governor’s Cup, but the wine that was judged superior to this must be really something special. This is a wine that I would buy and I would recommend to others. (SRP $44)

Glad you both enjoyed it! I quite like it, too!