TN: 2016 Tercero Mourvedre Rosé Camp Four Vineyard

This stuff is the real deal. Drinking at room temp (approx 67°), faint watermelon and white peach nose, soft and fleshy with tension, yeah a Rosé with tension. Earthy mid palate with a slightly chewy backside. Lip smacking acidity, long, long, long dry finish. A rock star.

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Went through three cases of this last summer. My wife said after her first sip (no kidding), “I think this might be my favorite rose ever.” Got a couple cases of the 2017, and have enjoyed it just about as much. I have two of the 2016 left - need to do a comparison tasting.

Thanks for the kind words, both of you. That 2016 is really in a great spot - it’s a ‘bummer’ since most folks are so worried that if a rose is not ‘current vintage’ then it’s past it’s prime . . .

The 2017 is a different beast right now - much more aromatic (florals coming through) and it has a touch more acid. It’s also drinking well and I’m excited to see where it goes.

I’m glad I still have more of the 2016 left to share with as many folks who might want to . . .


I just had one of the 2017 version for the first time. I liked it. The nose gives both flowers and fruit - watermelon, etc. Don’t serve it too cold - cellar to room temp is right, as it says on the back of the bottle. The palate opens up from apple skin to very dry watermelon and nectarine with some air and increasing warmth.

Can you reach out to Omar (or I can have him call you)? I’d love a couple cases of the '16 for myself:)

I’m a huge fan of the '16 and given its excellent bones, I suspect it won’t even hit its peak for another year or two, if not more. It’s got depth and texture and layers.

My first bottle of the '17 also seemed high potential, but seemed a bit disjointed to me on the palate - like it needs a few months at least to settle into its skin. Right now, it’s high energy and a bit awkward.

Kudos to you Larry for making such terrific juice!


More than happy to do that, my friend. And by the way, as of last Wednesday, you’re pouring the 17 at Augustine :slight_smile:


The '17 is great, but if you left a bottle of '16, I never got any!
Would love to grab a case or two, bury one in the back of my locker, and drink the other;)
Lately I’ve been greatly enjoying aged rose; we’ve got some going back to the late '50s that are surprisingly drinkable.
Who knew? [cheers.gif]

Had a '16 the other night. Was my favorite rose from last summer, and it’s still drinking great. Have one bottle left. Just got a shipment of the '17. Can’t wait to compare.

Loved the 2016s and the 2017s are tasting great.

Thread drift: For those of you who like Larry’s rose, what are some other producers you are into? I ask because I’m trying to explore and calibrate my palette. I’ve only liked rose for the last two years or so, and have found Larry’s to be the best. I do also like Paul Lato’s, but at $45 per bottle my expectation is probably too high.

Thanks for the tasting note, Brian!!!

I’ve also enjoyed Matthiasson’s Rose a lot. I’ve had one bottle of Bedrock Ode to Lulu and it just didn’t work for me but I’m ready to try another and give it some air rather than the guzzle approach we took after a rather harrowing afternoon at the theater which may have really colored my take.

Come now, this begs a lot of questions! Usually the theatre is enjoyable, no?

We absolutely love the 16 Rose - can’t wait to try the 17… glad I have a few left!

Have a mixed case from Larry arriving next week, including 3 of the 16 and 3 of 17. Can’t tell if I’m more excited for the roses, or the Grenache blanc, or the aberration!!

Not to completely sidetrack but … saw Hang at Remy Bumpo theater here in Chicago. Hang was a US premiere of debbie tucker green (her preferred lack of caps) play and it is brilliant but brutal … hang by debbie tucker green at Remy Bumppo Theatre Company - YouTube I think we should have foregone wine and headed straight to serious shots.

My note of 25 June 2017: LIKE THIS WINE: NR (Edit)

"Good, on its way to very good. Lovely salmon>ruby color, with perfumes that are full of earth, stones and dust - at first, but with time in the glass, dark fruit and wild berry bushes. It’s a medium-bodied palate with acids that (it’s only in the bottle for 2 months now) need another 3-6 months to more fully integrate with the dried red and black fruits. My wife said it was too dry, I think I understand what she’s saying that, and I firmly believe more time in the bottle will bring this into better balance. Very happy to have 10 bottles in the cellar. More serious than ‘fun’ (which is perfect for me, I prefer structure and balance over ripe, sweet fruits), if that makes any sense; an excellent companion to bbq babyback ribs, and summer salad. I have had two bottles from a case in the past week; consistent results. An understated, pure, excellent companion to food that’s holding back some complexity at this point. Fantastic value, 12,1% abv., drink thru 2020. recommended+

Screw cap; served non-blind."

glad to have 9 left from the case that came a year ago…will be opening one after my 4 months in Europe are finished in another month

Thanks for the tasting note, Tim!!!

This stuff is killer!

  • 2016 Tercero Mourvedre Rosé Camp Four Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Barbara County (7/5/2018)
    The wine is soft and elegant up front with notes of strawberry. Not overpowering with the acid and really has balance and then there are real tannins and dryness which complicate and confuse in a very good way. I drink a fair amont of rose most of which is acidic and in your face. This Rose is elegant and refined and far more complex for similar cost. Rich mouthfeel Yum! (92 pts.)

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