TN: 2016 Sylvie Esmonin (Michel et Fille) Bourgogne Cuvée Sylvie

I’m never the first person at tastings yelling ”flawed!” but overall I think I’m pretty solid at telling when a wine is not what it should be. Here I’m leaning towards faulty pretty strongly but I keep filling my glass again and again, which makes me hesitate to make the final call. Then again, does it really even matter? If I drank this blind I would totally take it for what it is and enjoy the heck out of it.

  • 2016 Sylvie Esmonin (Michel et Fille) Bourgogne Cuvée Sylvie - France, Burgundy, Bourgogne (3.6.2022)
    A bit of a strange nose on this one. There is a clear oxidative note above everything else, mainly savory red cherry, iron and faint sous bois. It’s sour in a way that makes you think of many Italian reds. On the palate it is medium-bodied and markedly savory with good richness and appropriate tannins. Also here it has such a strong, tart sour cherry thing going on that it is hard not to think of Sangiovese. It is wonderfully structured with great acidity and with its low ABV it is immensely drinkable and enjoyable. You could call it rustic but I still find it very attractive. The finish is persistent and clean. It just might be that this is not a 100% representative bottle - maybe not even close - but I have absolutely no problem enjoying this with and without food.

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