TN: 2016 Sandler Wine Company Pinot Noir Cuvée Marcy

2016 Sandler Wine Company Pinot Noir Cuvée Marcy - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (4/14/2018)
My first Sandler and it did not disappoint. Big RR fruit. Raspberry, vanilla blueberry, herbs, light pine and pepper. Ready to go almost from pop and pour. Great introduction. No reason to wait on this one. (93 pts.)

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2018 Berserker Day purchase.

Your TN reminds me of something…bit of a drift but Ed makes both Sandler and August West…we drank a 2016 AW Graham a few weekends ago that was excellent. Ed has always brought the best out of that vineyard and how it translates into the glass makes for a terrific pinot noir. It reminded me how much I miss drinking that wine from him.

Thanks for the heads up. Will seek out August West.

Had this tonight- really really delicious- had this creaminess to the bright fruits that was quite remarkable- and just seamless otherwise- one of my favorite Sandlers to date.

Best wines for the price.

Amen to that… top of the QPR ladder.

Is this the same vineyard as the former Keefer Ranch? It says on Ed’s website that Marcy Keefer past away last year and that it’s the same fruit, but why is the vineyard not designated on the label any longer?

The Keefer Ranch has always been my favorite of the Sandler pinots.

This wine is drinking smashingly well right now. It has elegance and precision. Just great delineation all around

Ed mentions it a little bit in the post below but it sounds like its a homage type scenario?