TN: 2016 Quilceda CVR

If you are looking for a dignified, elegant, and sophisticated wine then this is not the wine. However, if you are in the crank-up the volume and listen to the rock gods then this wine to crack up and head-bang to. A new world wine that would please any business exec that wants a big, bold, new style Cabernet to complement his/her red meat and potatoes that would match up if not surpass any Caymus or high-end celebrity wine. The color is a deep purple and that taste is one that has bitter dark chocolate and fruit hints. I swear I wanted to lick the glass when it was finished. The mid-palate will linger, at times in a good way, and a robust loud finish. At the end, my taste buds were ringing and hard to finish more than a glass and a half at a time before taking a break. I wish I had bought more!


Fun TN, Jason, and thanks for posting it. I appreciate you taking the wine for what it is. I haven’t had a QC in quite some time, but the CVR was always a great time to me. Yes, it’s bigger than wines typically consumed by many here, but that’s what they’re going for, love it or hate it. Cheers.

Nice TN!

I had this recently after too many bottles of CA Cab - large scaled wines… (Think Aperture from SC and Bevan from Napa)…

I found this wine almost elegant by comparison. I liked it, indeed. It is not for the faint of heart for sure and is big enough and complex enough to be enjoyed by many with a CA-centric palate.

My perception from past experiences was that the CVR was quite oaky and tannic when younger, but it matured into a nice wine. Still a big modern style wine, but with tannins that became in balance and allowed the wine to shine more.

I bought one six pack of CVRs, I think the 2016 or 2018. I’ll probably wait a little longer to check in on them.