TN: 2016 Left Foot Charley Riesling (USA, Michigan, Old Mission Peninsula)

2016 Left Foot Charley Riesling - USA, Michigan, Old Mission Peninsula (3/22/2020)

A $13 purchase on sale. 1.2% RS with no chapitalization. Grapes sourced from the Old Mission Peninsula. This is a winery that I have rarely been disappointed by. First tried their wines 11 years ago and have opened nearly 2 dozen bottles dating back to the 2008 vintage. Pale clear white color. This wine was dryer than I expected. Notes of apples and minerals. A very easy drinking and enjoyable white with a clean finish. I have 1 bottle left which I will drink within the next year. 89 points.


My favorite Michigan winery and probably the one winery in the country outside of New York that can compete with the great Finger Lakes Rieslings. All their white wines are superb.

Have liked their wines as well, but hard to find east of the Alleghenies.

In all the times I visited the Traverse City area, I never checked these guys out. Will have to make a point of it the next time I’m back there.