TN: 2016 Keller „von der Fels“ Riesling

2016 Keller „von der Fels“ Riesling

Ultra-crisp vdF and packed with a huge vibrant acidity. With lemony, herbal flavors and such straight&pure and bone-dry. If your looking for any kind of yellow fruits, apricot&peach, forget it. Here we have a razor-sharp mineral Riesling. Had someone served this to me blind, I would have guessed 2017.

No doubt needs a lot of air and better to open the next bottle in 3-5 years. Mosel Fine Wines gave him 93/100.

Here some general information regarding „von der Fels“ by MoselFineWines and KP, #49:

„Given that it comes from declassified fruit from Grand Cru vineyards, the precise terroir mix underlining the von der Fels bottling varies according to the vintage. Only in 2 vintages (2006 and 2014) all Grand Cru sites have been used for the blend, otherwise it includes a selection of 2 to 3 Grand Cru vineyards.“

“It started in 2000, when we vinified separately some fruit out of a younger parcel in the Hubacker. As of 2001, as we got vineyards from Westhofen, we also included declassified fruit from other of our Grand Cru.” At the beginning, the bottling concerned essentially younger vines. Today, as Klaus-Peter underlined, “with the increasing age of our vines, the bottling is made from approx. 30 year-old vines“


What’s the idea behind the two different designs for the labels? Aren’t they normally orange/brown with a different font?

Are you referring to the label below?

If so, that is reserved for the GG single vineyards, the Abst erde, & G-Max bottlings, I believe.

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I’ve only had the 2017 once but found it pretty approachable. Not quite razor sharp but nonetheless a complete package Riesling, including the yellow fruits!