TN: 2016 Harrington Alvarelhao

Here is something different but like many of Bryan’s wines, damn good. Upon opening a nice dark color as expected. Enticing aromas of dark fruit, violet candy and citrus. Flavors follow of boysenberry, black cherry, white flowers, clove, leather and a bit of citrus. Good acidity. Young but eminently drinkable this wine was terrific with a roast chicken dinner.
Drinking this made me smile but also a bit sad as we all know that Bryan will no longer be making wine.

2016 Harrington Alvarelhao

Yup, Tom…an absolutely delicious wine much as you describe it. Seems to have a certain Portuguese rusticity to it.

Also sad is those vines weren’t doing well, so I think they got taken out.

I opened a '16 grenache a week ago and meant to post a bittersweet TN.
Bittersweet because it had a one-of-a-kind silky mouthfeel to it for a grenache and I loved it.
Really a shame. We on this Board should have been touting his wines more.
If Bryan had gotten the word out, I am sure a groundswell of support would have followed.
I can understand pride getting in the way, but we are losing one hell of a wine maker, so we have incurred a real loss too.

Yup, Mitch…couldn’t have said it better. He started out as just another Pinot guy…but, fortunately things got out of hand, to our benefit.