TN: 2016 Domaine Christian Moreau Père et Fils Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos

  • 2016 Domaine Christian Moreau Père et Fils Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos - France, Burgundy, Chablis, Chablis Grand Cru (5/6/2024)
    I loved this wine. At the May renewal of the blind dinner series at Corkbuzz. And it was up against some tough competition including 95 Cheval Blanc, 2001 Scavino Bric del Fiasc and a Guigal Doriane, in addition to a few others. Flower nose and fruit palate. Excellent balance with ZERO rough edges and no problems. I did not get classic Chablis saltiness from the oyster shells in the ancient inland sea, but I suspect that is mind over matter in many cases. White fruit and sweet lemon curd. Village Chablis is passable and premier cru is good, but the grand cru wines always seem to punch above their weight class, especially Les Clos. (95 points)

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This is my first posting since joining WB and was amused to see, on my first look, that a member had tried the same wine as me last night. I agree this was beautiful but sadly I only had one, a bin end which was severely underpriced. I think 95 is about right. GC Chablis is so much better value than similarly priced whites from the Cote de Beaune.


Welcome to WB. Let me give my post some context that you may not be aware of (or “of which you may not be aware” for the grammarians in the group) as a newbie. My wine preference is California rocket fuel, and my collection so reflects. My love of this wine is all the more remarkable because my white wine preference leans towards Aubert and Rivers Marie Chards and Carlisle “oddball” blends.

Yes, Le Montrachet is very good, but Grand Cru Chablis is an outstanding value. Every once in a while, there is mediocre wine from a low level producer (2012 Piuze Blanchot being an example), and I do not recall ever having something at the other end of the Chablis Spectrum (Raveneau), but this wine was WOTN for me.

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Thanks, Jay, for the note; and thanks for the comment, David, and welcome to the board!
I first tasted C. Moreau GC at La Paulée and was very impressed and subsequently grabbed a few.
To my palate, they don’t have as much Chablis character–oyster shell and so forth–as some, but they do hold their own with a good 1er and even GC Burgundy–great texture and density, balance, beautiful white fruit. Glad they won over even Jay:)

Thanks Jay Hack.

I am not sure whether I can see your cellar, mine is available on cellartracker – I am Jerseyboozer but haven’t posted many notes yet. You can find my wines through one of the few notes I have written, look for 2019 Givry Domaine de la Ferte 1er cru Servoisine. My cellar is almost entirely Old World, and a massive France bias, especially Bordeaux, plus a few South African wines. That is largely because the Jersey in my CT username is the small island near France, not New Jersey, and we have a limited selection of US wines available here.

I am off to the Loire at the end of this month and not knowing very much about the cabernet francs I searched online and found the WB discussion which was very helpful so my wife and I now have a few names to visit. I feel a little of a fraud joining WB as many of the notes show that WB members are very knowledgeable, for more than I am, and I suspect I will take more than I give. And I can’t afford Le Montrachet! David