TN: 2015 Tenshen White Wine

I’m really digging this wine- right in my wheelhouse. Light straw/gold in color, with huge aromatics of flowers and spice. Leaning more towards full bodied with lemon, Apple, grapefruit, and lychee which carries over (the lychee) onto a super long finish. Really a dynamic and commanding white that makes you perk up and pay attention. Somewhat reminds me of a Campagni-Portis from BR or Carlisle but lacking just a little bit of the ‘freshness’ I get from those wines. Only slight complaint is a bit of heat on the finish that might integrate with some time in bottle.

Scottsdale Costco purchase, and a definite rebuy at the $19 or so I paid.

And no idea what’s in this blend…but if I had to guess, I’d say Gewurtz, Riesling, Rousanne, and probably chardonnay or something (got a chardonnay vibe when I first took a sniff)

Actually, it’s a blend of viognier, roussanne, Grenache blanc and chardonnay. It was a WS Top 100 wine - actually, the only one on the list that had some SB County fruit in it IIRC. Not sure how it will age but glad it’s drinking well now . . .


Thanks Larry!

And you gotta be sh*tting me that there’s no Gewurz in this wine. I would have bet money it was the predominate grape.


Well, none is stated at least! There might be small amounts in there, but my guess is probably not - unless it was brought in with the chardonnay. But again, probably not.

It’s tougher than people think to deciper what’s in a blend - I DARE you to tell me what’s in the Prisoner without looking at the label :slight_smile:


Ha! That’s just begging to be made a new topic ‘guess what’s it’s The Prisoner’ :slight_smile:

And yeah man, I’m sure you’re right and there’s no Gewurz in the blend…but it REALLY tastes like there is. Would love to hear from someone else who’s tried this wine to see of they got the same vibe.

I didn’t like the wine; it has too much residual sugar and too little acid for my palate, and tastes flabby. The 2014 vintage was better, but even it could have used more acid.

Just posted in the costco thread about this wine…Love it. In PA, I cannot get it for $15-$19 others have posted but still worth the price. The Acidity fluctuates year to year, but it is a complex and transforming wine. Usually a citrus fruit forward wine upfront and leads to mellowed tropical fruit and honey. Excellent QPR for sure…

Its also a great crowd pleaser with enough going on to keep any wino interested.

I have not had this wine, nor have I tasted many Grenache Blanc wines from the New World ($$$). My background is more in the realm of Priorat whites (as if they were less expensive).

However, I often read that the grape can contribute acidity in white blends…and the possibility of excessive alcohol. Could this play a part in your train of thought, Rich???

It definitely could have Drew but I really have no idea. Either way, I enjoyed this blend and still have a couple left from Costco, which was a great buy in my opinion for $19.


Grenache Blanc is a relatively versatile grape. It usually sets a decent size grape, likes to grow in warmer climates, and can retain great acidity, but not always. I know that in CdP, it is not know for acidity whatsoever (at least as far as I’ve read).

Many folks in my area like to either co-ferment this grape with Roussanne or regularly blend the two together.

As far as alcohol levels go, if you’re going to get decent acidity out of this grape, you usually won’t have ‘excessive alcohol’ as well - the grape, like most whites, will certainly drop acidity as it ripens more and more.

Hope that helps.