TN: 2015 Saint Cosme Côtes du Rhône

  • 2015 Saint Cosme Côtes du Rhône - France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Côtes du Rhône (11/12/2020)
    This is in a good place. Popped and let it sit for an hour to warm up a bit and breathe; no decanter, just in the bottle. Its leans garnet with a shade of violet in the glass, opaque, good legs. The nose is black fruits, a little magic marker, leather, and vanilla. The palate’s smooth. Blackberry and plums on the front, slight funk, leather. Lower side of medium on the acidity and a little hollow there. Velvety tannins on the transition to the back with a nice return to black fruit. finishes fairly dry. Its lighter in body than I would have expected from the glass/nose. Will drink well for a bit. Its missing something on the overall weight that makes me not want to hold these too long. Very enjoyable now.

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Nice note, Rich. Used to be a regular buy for us from our local wine store. We have to get it back in the rotation. Thanks.

Thanks for the note. I have a few of the 17’s in mag. Trying to decide a good time to pop those.

Had this wine twice and loved it! Amazing value

This is a regular buy for me. Very enjoyable daily drinker. Pairs well with a variety of foods.

Great to see a detailed tasting note for something like this - sounds lovely. Thanks!

Just had a 2019 vintage of this for research purposes. Fantastic for the small money. Balanced, juicy and reasonable depth.

I buy at least 6 every year, never is a bad wine and worst case is I make shortribs with it. I like the uniqueness of a syrah dominant CDR (as i understand is always 100% syrah). Plus the price can’t be beat.

The 2015 is the standout of the last few years in my book.

Drank the remainder of the 18 after using it for beef burgundy/cotes du rhone…always purple fruited, primary and tarted in it’s youth…but the 5+ hrs of air did bring out more black pepper, smoked meat, bramble, violet florals…very racy and silky. Such a go to CdR that I can grab at the local grocery for $12-13! I just need to buy more to age some out for 5 to 10yrs. Seems like they should easily age 10?

Just got an offer from Vin Chicago for the 2019 and pull the trigger – $13.99.

Thanks for the note Rich!

This is a perfect everyday drinker and very affordable for the quality you get. My dad often has these lying around and pulled a '16 in September, I noted that although 14,5% you did not get that alcoholic heaviness, a sign of winemaking quality to me.

this is a great value wine

have some volume of the 2019, around 9 euro all included. Really nice qpr that can age a bit :slight_smile:

I’ve bought two cases recently with free shipping from with the steward ship plan and used a 50 off 150 code. Makes it a great deal for me

I bought a case of the 2016 Magnums - and they are drinking beautifully today. 100% Syrah, and fat as an Iberian pig, really lovely now.

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