TN: 2015 Rochioli - Chardonnay "Sweetwater Vnyd" (USA, CA, Sonoma County, RRV)

2015 J. Rochioli Chardonnay Sweetwater Vineyard - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (4/12/2018)
– popped and poured –
– tasted non-blind over a couple hours –

NOSE: obvious Chardonnay, but a bit sulphury and reductive (popcorn); some oak noticeable; solid, but nothing exciting.

BODY: pale – almost a bit hazy – yellow color; medium bodied.

TASTE: medium richness; lots of mineral; medium-high to high acidity; this had a hard time shaking its reduction – not even a vigorous decant and agitation of the decanter did the trick; some oak; labelled at 14.5% alc., and it’s well-hidden; this has historically struck me as the most mineral-laden of Rochioli’s Chardonnays, and I enjoy it for that reason; that said, this bottle lacked the excitement required to make it worth its price tag. Gut impression score: 89 – 91. Hold.

2015 J. Rochioli Chardonnay Sweetwater Vineyard - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (5/29/2018)
– splash decant with vigorous agitation of decanter before initial taste –
– tasted non-blind over a couple hours –

NOSE: expressive; initially reductive (which led to the decanting); tropical; French oak.

BODY: light, hazy pale yellow color; medium-full bodied.

TASTE: buttery; soft; some oak; strong smoky mineral on the finish; medium-low to medium acidity; hint of nutmeg; 14.5% alc.; it’s good (gut impression score: 88 – 90), but I think we’re no longer “here” with our preferences. Ash said she’d be happy to pay $50 for this, and I’m pretty much at the same spot, so bad QPR for us.

Awesome follow up comparison, thank you for that!

hmmmm … I hadn’t even noticed those two bottles were within 2 months of each other … whoops!!

No! I think it’s way cool to see the same bottle show up and seeing what someone’s thoughts are.

Thank you for the kind words, Anton. I’d like to see more folks do follow-up tastings, too. I just don’t usually do them so quickly! — I suppose that’s a testament to how relatively forgettable this wine was for me. [cheers.gif]

I think I will have my wife set aside some bottles of wine and bag 'em and serve me blind over a month or two and have some be the same wine…and see what I think!

Day to day blind tasting…yeah! [cheers.gif]

Brian, your first note did say hold!

But if it was forgettable I can see you forgetting that advice . . .

Yeah, I’m going to have to put a BIG BOLD specific note in CT for my last bottle. newhere