TN: 2015 Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

My first ‘pobega’ of the season.

  • 2015 Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (3/23/2017)
    This has become one amazing Pinot Noir that defies all logic when it comes to it’s price-point and stature among it’s siblings. On nose alone if you do NOT spot Sonoma Coast you had best go back to Zinfandel. Deep dark cherry cola and sassafras rue the day. Palate shows a chewy multi-textural wine with what I can almost have to believe shows much qualities of what is above it on the River-Marie Pinot ladder. I don’t even need to read it’s make-up to spot some real greatness but what the good people at RM have done is created a net-sum of all the great things 2015 has given them pinot-wise and quite possible even outdone all the years past in what they have given us for thirty dollars, a densely fruit laden Pinot with so much goodness, it is hard to imagine one-upping it going forward, but I am comfortable knowing no bar is too high. Black fruits of black raspberries and black cherries really command your attention and it’s almost like a wedge of unctuousness had been placed into your mouth demand you to say ‘oh yeah’. Pure and big boned with tons of life ahead, this is gonna be awesome tomorrow which means it will be late summer before I even touch another and these are usually gone by July. Great job on these. (93 pts.)

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Mmmmmm, glad I have some!

Excellent note, thank you!

Thanks for driving up the price to $35 for next year!!!

Anyone know if yields are similarly down in 2016?

Welcome back, Mike!!!

As a vintage no.

Great note, Mike! Welcome back!

Nice to see you posting again!

Ok, this note made me sign up for the list.

Out of all the wine I buy on allocation, if I could only keep one this would be it. Love the Cabs and Pinot.

Opened a bottle last night, and oh my what a treat. On the nose the wine showed dark cherries, orange peel and some earthy notes, on the palate amazing texture and a long finish of cranberry and mild spice. Left a glass or two in the bottle for today, and the nose opened up even more giving off floral and more finesse, even greater balance with dark fruit cutting acidity. One of the best QPR Pinot’s I’ve had in awhile, lucky to have more left in the cellar, will go bigger on future allocations.

Benjamin - not sure how you’re going to, “…go bigger on future allocations” as this is produced in limited quantities and I believe 3 bottles is the max allocation. I’d happily buy a case every year if I could.

Amen to that!!

Had the same thought!

All these kudos convinced me to open up 1 of the 3 bottles I bought. Sitting on the counter to be poured a bit later .

Wow that wine is yummy . Not that I’m a wine connoisseur but this seems better than the 13 and 14 I have had (which were really good-especially for the price )