TN: 2015 K Vintners Guido (USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Walla Walla Valley)

  • 2015 K Vintners Guido - USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Walla Walla Valley (7/27/2021)
    Day 1: Interesting nose and almost smells corked but it is not. Dried cherries, floral, clay, spices and earth. Hard to give this a score right now and will have to examine it over time.
    Day 2: Trying to like this wine as it is only $22.00 on sale but honestly not a fan and I love Washington State wines and K Vintners. It is hot and disjointed. Dried cherries, clay, spice, red hots and some damp earth. Just had a really nice Felsina which list price is less than this. Have yet to be impressed with any Washington State Sangiovese. There is a sweetness to this wine that is off setting to my palate. 86 points
    Day 2.5: A little more approachable so this wine probably needs some serious time in the cellar. Earth, spices, dried cherries, strawberry and earth. Medium finish. 88 points
    Day 3: While not corked has that aromatic to it. Clay, earth, dried cherries, hot spices and sweet fruits. 88 points
    Recommendation: I love the Boy (Grenache) and found it unique. This is unique in a different way and would not recommend this wine especially at full boat. (88 pts.)

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The Boy is a nice wine but Guido…never been a fan of that; 86ish is about right.

Costco has been stocking a wine from K Vintners called ‘Little K’. I bought a bottle. From my past experience with K Vintners wines, and it was only 1 bottle (never to be bought again), this bottle was just plain bad. My first thoughts were astringent or chemical type flavors. A couple hours later it was a bit better but not by much.

Anyone else try that (not trying to take away from the Guido chat)

Is it a blend?

Have also tried it and didn’t even think it was worthy of a “K” letter. It reminded me of any other $15 bottle of Washington Syrah (Columbia Crest, etc). Thats probably the market it goes after. If you don’t line that then definitely don’t try the Kirkland rose or chard they partnered with Charles Smith on.

Their Syrah’s are the best in the lineup. Hard to beat River Rock for the price.

Try the Casa Smith lineup.