TN: 2015 Joh. Jos. Prüm - Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese (Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer)

2015 Joh. Jos. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese - Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer (7/12/2017)
– popped and poured on Day 1 –
– tasted non-blind on Day 1 and Day 6 –
– AP #: … 13 16 –

NOSE: lime; very light; smoky mineral

BODY: no spritz; pale, gold flake color; medium-full body.

TASTE: tight; electric acidity; crisp, slightly tart apple; 8% alc. not noticeable; the high acidity from Day 1 had noticeably drawn back by Day 6 (no surprise), and Day 6 also brought a honeyed edge that wasn’t present on Day 1. I like this, and am happy to have other bottles, but it didn’t hit the heights I was expecting of this vineyard from this producer in this vintage. Given Prum’s track record, I’m going to chalk this up to this simply being too young right now.

Thanks for the very early peak at this wine. Check back in 2027-30, I’m very confident the heights you’re looking for will be reached. If patience isn’t your thing the 2016’s sound like they will be more user friendly early on.

2015s seem to already be shutting down.

I’ve served Prums many times in blind tastings, and they often don’t show well against other wines shortly after release. That wasn’t true when we tasted '15 Kabinetts a few months ago, when the Prum WS came out on top, but it’s been true in many prior German tastings. So I think you’re right to withhold judgment.

Interesting. I tried a '15 Richter Elisenberg Kabinett on Maureen Nelson’s strong recommendation last week and was a little underwhelmed. It wasn’t nearly as pleasurable as the '15 Kabinetts my group tasted in April. Maybe three months made the difference.

Day 6???

I can be patient — that’s not a problem. Normally, I wouldn’t be opening this bottle right now, but I wanted to take a look to see if I wanted to back up the truck. No truck back upping here, but – again – I think I’ll be satisfied with my remaining bottles 15+ years from now.

Interesting to think they would be shutting down. 2015 was a rare vintage indeed for JJ Prum to even ever be open this young. Have not opened any of mine yet but loved the Kabinett version and bought quite a few at all levels. I have not tired any since lat spring so thanks for the notes.

Brian, I’m sure you won’t take this the wrong way, but what experience do you have with two year old Prum Spatlesen? It would be useful to know how this showing was vs past experience as compared with just expectations.

Ive not tried this wine recently so can’t add much. I think I have a bottle at home though.


It was in the fridge with a cork in it from Day 1 late night to Day 6 early evening. Just didn’t feel like finishing the bottle on any of the days in between. Odd, I know, but that’s the way this cookie crumbled.

Right next door to None. Only Prum Spat. I’ve tried so young was the '07, which I loved in October of 2010.

2007 and 2015 are very different vintages.

Yes they are.

I have a note somewhere from 2000 about 1998 WS Spatlese on release. Back then, there was no pop and pour with Prum. Way too much reduction. I had about 3/4 bottle in the fridge with the cork stuck back in for three weeks. It was gorgeous after 3 weeks.

My experience as well.

And I haven’t even received all of mine yet [head-bang.gif]

I agree.

One of the earliest things I picked up on my Riesling journey is that it’s a different kettle of fish than most other wines when it comes to evaluating the wines on release. You almost have to throw away your existing knowledge and start again. I claim no expertise but I have realised that based on fairly extensive release testing in the last ten years or so.

It’s also one reason why they release their wines later than most producers, but I find the wines are much more approachable in the last ten or so vintages. I remember when they use to serve their bottles with styrofoam covers at VDP tasting events. It was mostly wines from the previous vintage. While these kept the wines cool, they also covered the entire bottles and often led to a little guessing game. As you know, the Prüms still like to blind-taste visitors at the estate.