TN: 2015 Domaine Roblet-Monnot Volnay Saint-François

Juuuuuust okay. I’ve had pretty rough bottles from this producer before - mostly full of VA - and this one was on the edge. Really high-toned, bordering on screechy red fruit, with a bit of bretty funk on the nose. Palate is a bit better, but slightly dilute and very short. Even though it’s only approaching a decade of age, the fruit seems to be falling off and is already slightly dessicated in a not-entirely pleasant way - it feels like it’s already on the downslope. Wouldn’t wait much longer. Ultimately, not delicious.

I know Roblet-Monnot is getting some good press lately and maybe the wines just don’t travel well due to their low-intervention way of doing things, but colour me extremely skeptical.

Has anyone else had this experience with this domaine or am I just on a cripplingly bad run of luck?

2019 Taillepieds was pretty good a few months ago, and will be great in ten years. Nothing screechy about it. 2012 Taillepieds was great last year, benefiting from an hour of air.