TN: 2015 Domaine Bernard Moreau et Fils Chardonnay Bourgogne Blanc

One of my great challenges when it comes to wine is finding value in Burgundy (yeah, I am sure I am alone there). I came across this bottle in a superb shop with a natural wine focus in Grenoble and decided to give it a go for the lowly sum of 20 Euros. Nothing natural about the taste IMO, blind I would guess it to be a village wine from a very good traditional producer. It is oakier than most other 2015s I have had (fermented and aged in oak, 10-30% new according to the Internets), but even for my oak-averse palate it feels harmonious and well put together. Highly enjoyable on its own, with pan-fried trout and cauliflower purée and with a cheese from Lichtenstein which name I am unable to remember.

  • 2015 Domaine Bernard Moreau et Fils Chardonnay Bourgogne Blanc - France, Burgundy, Bourgogne Blanc (3.8.2018)
    Popped and poured into large Bourgogne bowls at cellar temp. Really expressive, aromatic and charming on the nose right off the bat with roasted nuts, smoke, brown butter, lemon and iodine. On the palate rich and expansive, quite luscious even. Notably juicy with lots of savory fruit, tangy citrus being the most dominating feature. Really great energy and tension, a true powerhouse. A wonderful mouthwatering finish. Very much youthful, I think there is definitely upside here. An over-performer, no doubt.

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Love Moreau

We visited Moreau a couple of weeks ago when we were in Burgundy and they are a great producer. The 2016 and 2017 of this wine is worth getting also. And, if you want something really interesting, try their Chassagne Montrachet reds.

For more on Burgundy values, see Consolidated off-the-beaten-path Burgundy TNs - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers They are out there. You just need to know where to look.

Cool! Did they offer sales at the domaine? Based on this bottle and everything I’ve read it would be very interesting to visit next time I go to Burgundy.

This forum in general and threads like the one you mention are indeed great sources for guidance. However being that I nowadays mostly buy wine when on holidays (and sometimes for work) in central Europe it is usually more about what the shops happen to offer than what I am really looking for. Fortunately the shop where I found this bottle also offered the wines of Jean-Marc Vincent (mentioned in the thread) and I now have a couple of bottles waiting to be explored.

No. But you can buy from the Caveau in Chassagne-Montrachet.

We got the same answer.

Alright, thanks. The same shop has been mentioned elsewhere as well so definitely on my list from now on.