TN: 2015 Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Grézeaux

You thought this thread was going to be posted by Robert didn’t you?

I took delivery of a case of this wine yesterday and couldn’t help myself but immediately pop a bottle. Glad I did because I’m thrilled to have a 11 more bottles to follow. It will come as no surprise to readers of this board that it is a stunning young wine and a mega-value. I’ve popped 2 of my '15 Granges, which to me is a totally different wine: way light in color and weight. All crunchy red fruit. Zero brett. Not much complexity. Nothing wrong with it but in my view the Grézeaux is a big step up, and oddly in my market there is barely a price difference.

  • 2015 Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Grézeaux - France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Chinon (2/7/2018)
    Gorgeous! An archetype of traditional Chinon in a strong vintage. Pours dark with a purple rim. The nose is explosive from the first pour: dry hay, crushed rock, thyme, farmyard, blackberry, black raspberry, burlap, charcoal, peanut shells, old wood, moss, dried rose petals, and even a hint of dried orange peel. Needless to say, seriously complex. The palate has wonderfully balanced moderate acidity and tannin. The long finish replays many elements of the nose. It’s going to be difficult to keep my hands off the rest of the case even though I’m convinced this is a 20+ year wine. (93 pts.)

Chris, did you give this any air/decant?

Have to admit that while it’s a good value I never buy the Granges. The Grezeaux and even the CB are sufficiently well priced that I’ll always go for one of them instead.

The Guillot is an odd duck. I’m always uncertain when tasting on release. Tremendous potential and I think I’m going to regret not having laid any down.

Had this two weeks ago, and agree this is a great wine and value.

Ha, when I saw the thread from my iPhone I actually thought it might have been mine! AFWE ban me now, but I happen to really enjoy Chinon from ripe years as well, not just the classic years like 2014. I have bought deeply in both years, 2014 and 2015.

I am pretty sure that I have posted a note on the Clos Guillot, it is excellent. I have also tried the Les Granges, which I like very much but not quite as much as the 2014. I bought two cases of the 2014 for daily drinker, it is an exceptional QPR at under $20. I have not tried the Les Grez yet but will admit to struggling with it at such a young age, it is one of the cuvées that really needs a lot of time. But it is perhaps the most classic of the cuvées, I buy it in most years.

Thanks for the check-in, what a fantastic note and associated commentary.

Thanks for the tip - I went out and bought some, plus a few Clos Guillot.

New oxymoron:

Ripe Chinon

Hey, the 2003s were great.

Some indeed were.

I just bought 3 more 2003 Joguet Clos de la Dioterie for a nifty fair price.

Oh, and speaking of enabling, just bought 3 more of 2015 Grezeaux and Guillot, lol.

Long time lurker on these forums but finally registered, in large part to this topic. I’m a huge fan of the Baudry catalogue of wines for a few years now. Luck allowed me to visit the estate this past summer which was a splendid experience. Mathieu was a genuinely nice guy and really gave our group a great tour and tasting. For anyone not convinced that these wines can age I can tell you that he had opened a 96 Le Clos Guillot which was absolutely singing. A couple of our friends were not very familiar with Chinon and certainly new to the Baudry’s, and they were absolutely stunned by the quality of the wines, especially at the price points.

I’m currently sitting on 6 each of the 2015 Grezaux and Clos Guillot, but will likely double down. I’ve not opened one yet but it is great to hear some of your thoughts on them.

My family lives near the city so if there ever is a Baudry-a-thon at Racines in NYC I will be there in a heartbeat. My favorite wine shop in the city is CSW!!

@CJ - nope. This was pop and pour. Didn’t decant and the whole bottle only lasted 3 hours.

@Robert - I’d encourage you to try one. I generally do not like young wine. Especially those based on Bordeaux varieties.this really did it for me. Not at all saying it won’t age. It’ll certainly be stunning in 20+ years.

Regarding ripeness. If I tasted this blind I wouldn’t have called this being from a hot year. Nothing overripe at all here. Great acidity is maintained and there is still a green streak. I think this had 13% declared on the label, which is probably correct as our liquor monopoly tests every bottle that enters the province and insists on adding a sticker when the label is incorrect. This is optimally ripe for my traditionally leaning palate.


Always love new Chinon-lovers joining in!

I’m willing to be unfashionable and admit I prefer Loire cab franc in riper vintages. I’ve never found them to lack regional and varietal character in those years, but they offer more pleasure when the fruit holds its own in the overall mix.

Everything old is new again. 89 Olga.

Welcome James and glad to have another barnyard, funk Berserker. I hope the 96 Boissee is as good as the Guillot you had. These twins arrived this month. Apologize for the thread drift.

I look forward to the day this entire board is dedicated to advancing the study of the mighty Loire Funk. Until then, this thread will Help pass the time. Love this wine.

By the way, glad to see the thousandth data point showing that travel shock is bunk.

Just checked and still have a couple 2003 Joguet Clos du Chêne Vert. Time For something gamey for dinner!

So, 2015 Clos Guillot covers all the bases? Plenty of fruit give it a wider audience, enough typicity, enjoyable young, cellars well and is very well priced?

You do understand that slow-ox reverses travel shock?