TN: 2015 Dirty & Rowdy Familiar Blanc

Man, this is in a really good spot right now! Drink up and enjoy if you have any!!


This feels very Familiar to me. [cheers.gif] [thumbs-up.gif]


Thanks Rich and Dennis! I haven’t popped a '15 in a long time. Glad to see it is still shining.

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Drank an 18 recently which was lovely. Have another bottle queued up and should be able to jot down a better note with some attention.

It was damn good Hardy! Very impressed with how fresh it was, and while the fruit was very well integrated, it was still full of energy and verve. Great stuff!!

Had another bottle of the 2018. Really unctuous, the semillion adds great mouthfeel. Very floral nose, well integrated. Thanks Hardy