TN: 2015 Dirty and Rowdy Mourvedre Shake Ridge Ranch

2015 Dirty and Rowdy Mourvedre Shake Ridge Ranch - USA, California, Sierra Foothills, Amador County (10/29/2017)
It’s great when a given vineyard site works with a producer. D&R and Shake Ridge are one of those partnerships. There is nothing overworked with this wine. It’s elegant and complex. Bright red fruit is combined with herbal and menthol notes that keep everything fresh. It’s difficult to put the glass down, and ultimately the bottle gets drained too quickly.

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Thanks for the note, David!!!

I absolutely loved the “White Oak Flat” Vineyard Mourvedre from Dirty & Rowdy. Can you offer any insight into how the “Shake Ridge” compares?

Sounds great, David.
Thanks for the note.
I need to check in on one soon.

Drew-I cannot. Sorry.

Sounds like something I’d enjoy, thanks for the note!

I’m beginning to think D&R Mourvedres are best consumed sooner rather than later.

Thanks for the note, David! Shake Ridge feels like home for us.

Drew- Shake and Skinner White Oak Flats are different critters (both in site and very much in bottle). Shake is at close to 2000ft on a mix of volcanic, loam,with some granite and quartz. Skinner White Oak Flats is on clay and decomposed granite at about 1300ft.

Profile wise-
Shake Ridge Ranch is usually more brambly, peaty, and purple black fruited
Skinner WOF is super floral, has more dried fruit, and is more on the red flavor spectrum.

Thanks for the notes, Hardy!

Thanks, David. We enjoyed this one too, a lot!:

C: Bright, cheerful red
P: Glorious, bright, cheerful and oh so drinkable. Ready to go, more so than the 2014 IIRC. Notes of raspberry. Medium weight, well balanced and long, somehow it’s subtle and straightforward at the same time. Went beautifully with grilled lamb chops. A real pleasure, thank you Hardy and Co!
Second bottle. Consistent. But we had it with Greek food, which was a mistake, it didn’t play so well.

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