TN: 2015 Carlisle Sonoma County Syrah.....$20 of goodness!

Tasted this now 2X in the last month or so. I bought only 3 so I am down to just one left, which I will lay down now for a few years more. What I enjoy here, and this is core to what I think Mike has done well now for many years, is that he keeps his pricing so fair and his quality high. I remember drinking so many bottles of the 2007 RRV Syrah, which at the time was around $18. Since that time, and what is that, 7-8 years later, he STILL offers CA syrah, made with some old world flair, for $20? So good. A simple twist of the cap, and boom, into the glass. Just a real lovely bottle of CA syrah, with all the markers I like to drink. Thanks for reading.

  • 2015 Carlisle Syrah Sonoma County - USA, California, Sonoma County (5/14/2017)
    Opened about 2 hrs ago, been working through the first glass or so. I continue to appreciate the aromatics Mike achieves in his syrahs, which consistently for me show the garrigue, pepper and some white flower–I enjoy all of these kinds of syrah markers. This bottle is taking some time to open up, which is similar to the last one so my advice for the many who own this wine is to twist and be patient–it needs air to fill in the palate. Tar, with juicy black/blue fruit and some cedary tannin. Tarry finish with rosemary and acidity. Day 2 (left in the fridge overnight under the cap, then let the wine come to temp in the glass today)…more tame than yesterday, now really emphasizing the juicier aspects, with some dried purple flower/potpourri notes here, too. The tannin/astringence from y/day is less, which opens the texture up, too. Still tarry with the same garrigue, bright acid and a wine that is medium to + in weight, avoiding anything boozy and fat. Just a bitchen bottle of $20 CA syrah, which given the style this is made, it makes me nicely forget passing on the 2014 Jamet at $110 each last week. Nice job, Mr Officer.
  • 2015 Carlisle Syrah Sonoma County - USA, California, Sonoma County (4/3/2017)
    This was crushed within an hour, by about a 1/2 dozen drinkers at a work dinner. I brought the bottle, shared it. It opened up with air, and like many of the past bottlings of SC, this showed a mix of olive, purple flower and a black cherry fruit quality with plenty of grip. Not sure how this would have evolved over a day, with more air. Will have to see with the next bottle.

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Only had one of my allotted three, but it was awesome.

Really enjoyed reading your notes on this wine, Frank. I usually drink Mike’s appellation syrahs early, and prefer the single vineyard ones with some age. Will put this one on deck for next time I am in the mood for a syrah. Thank you!