TN 2015 Campesino Isa Rosé

It’s hot here. 88 still at 7:00 PM, so Carrie and I decided a Rosé might be in order. There just happened to be an Isa in the white wine refrigerator and color was beckoning. On first sip there was sharp pomegranate with quite a bit of acidity. Within 5 minutes in the glass I Raspberry one sip, strawberry the next then a mix of both with a touch of cinnamon. Acidity settles and adds accent to the fruit flavors. We both found ourselves drinking it like water and it’s getting better with each gulp. Really, really refreshing.

We enjoyed his rose that bears his Campesino label - not Isa - last night. Basically everything Macario makes I like

Thanks for the note – I have 3 at my offsite, and it’s going to be hot this weekend.

I enjoyed this fun wine over the weekend! It’s a fun wine and sure is refreshing! Glad you all enjoyed it!!