TN: 2015 Arnot-Roberts Trousseau North Coast (USA, California, North Coast)

  • 2015 Arnot-Roberts Trousseau North Coast - USA, California, North Coast (4/25/2017)
    A freak. Light red color, nose is really overpowering; rose petal pot pourri and raspberry herbal tea. I’m not sure I like it…no I don’t, but it keeps me coming back for another sniff. It’s sharp and herbal in a way that just clobbers your nose. It is hard to ignore the nose, but in the mouth it’s a coppery tart red berry from the planet funk. It’s everything that popular wine is not. It’s tart and rough and herbal and acidic and perfumey. My lizard brain recoils but I can’t stop coming back for another sip. I am lost.

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Chris, that’s a great description of the experience of tasting this wine. Beguiling in so many ways.

The only thing I know of that came from Planet Funk…

Thanks, It’s the second time I’ve had this wine, both times at a nice casual French place in Tallahassee. It is such a geeky wine. I think, in retrospect, the thing I appreciated about it most was how it added a flavor memory to my palate. I think I’d like to taste some of the MN cold weather varieties next to this, because there is a weird similarity in something I remember from those.

This sounds incredible, thx for the TN.

Love the note…and especially appreciate the Lizard Brain comment.