TN: 2014 Sandlands Trousseau (USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast)

I had a 2012 back in December and it was amazing. It was the first time I drank a Sandlands and didn’t think I opened it to soon. Wouldn’t be in a rush to open these, think they would be great with secondary flavors coming through. I’m going to give mine at least five years from vintage before opening.

Anyone on the east coast gotten shipment confirmation?

Thanks. I pulled a 2012 grenache and 2012 syrah to try soon. While these might be on the early side, I’ve never tried either.

I am in SC and mine is on the way.

I haven’t tried either of these (the Grenache is super-rare) but suggest you might want to check out the interview with Tegan Passalacqua about this project on the IDTT podcast … I believe he suggests there that his syrah is the wine most in need of age.

For my taste, the trousseau is the earliest drinker of the Sandlands lineup.

Mine is arriving to NY this Friday. I pulled a '12 Amador County chenin from storage this past weekend for some near term drinking.

Well, I signed up for this list this year, but too late to get an offer. Is there only one offering a year, or do they do multiple?

One a year, which I find very refreshing.

Agreed. LOVE the fact that there’s only 1 release per year

The only one I opened that I thought was too young was the '11 Syrah, a couple years ago. I’m also holding some bottles of Chenin Blanc just to see how it ages.

Ironically, the Sandlands Trousseau reminds me of red Burgundy far more than most California pinots I’ve had over the years. Kind of Chambolle-like in its elegance and flavor profile. I would by it by the case if it was available.



I found my lone bottle of this when I was moving things around (it had been buried with other 2014 Sandland wines) and opened it last night . . . LOVED it! Lots of tangy cranberry acidity and layers of different flavors as it opened up with a little air. Took a photo because I was so taken with the light color!
Sandlands Trousseau 2014.JPG

Oh no, oh no…Trousseau is now on the radar, just like Carricante. What’s next Poulsard? Listan Negro?

Had the 2015 this week and loved it. Top of the (small) heap for stateside trousseau.

On the flip side disappointed with the Arbot Roberts latest release (2016?)… 2 bottles consumed recently and it just comes across as unclean (which can be appealing and characterful but isn’t for me in this case).

The Arnot Roberts is more typical Trousseau IMO…the Sandlands is very nice…but very bright fruit…very CLEAN…maybe too clean…Want a bit of stink in there…

IMO, this is Sandlands best wine…by a lot…

Anyone try the Combe Trousseau?

Had the 2014 Sandlands Trousseau for the first time last night, was absolutely delicious. While I agree with Kevin’s post above that these are almost “too clean” you could tell the secondaries are already building and indeed, there was just a touch of vegetal funk. Based on this bottle, I’m holding onto the rest for at least another 1-2 years, which is when I think they’ll be singing; regardless, just fantastic and still my favorite producer of CA Trousseau.