TN: 2014 Sandlands Trousseau (USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast)

  • 2014 Sandlands Trousseau - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (3/6/2018)
    Sandlands 16’s arrived today…needed a sacrifice…so my last 14 gets it! These are just too good now to cellar…and I seem to be only getting a couple bottles of everything, so I’m missing out on how they will age. This 14 is fantastic! Light bodied, translucent crunchy wild red berry fruits…zingy cherry skin/cranberry acidity…little smoky briar patch, garrigue, licorice, white pepper spice. Lot of crushed geology in this making it stand to attention…wonderful florals of dried roses, blood orange, tilled earth. LOVE how light and translucent this is…yet it drinks like a BOSS! (94 pts.)

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wine looks really pretty.

Sure I can google it, but in your words, what exactly is Trousseau?

Buzzy takes the best pics.

I always think of Trousseau as the baby of Mr Cornas and Ms Burgundy! :slight_smile:

Sounds fantastic! Thanks, Buzz!

Thanks for the note. I’ve been keeping my paws off these, though could benefit from freeing up the cellar space. Do you think these will improve with age?

dunno…these are so killer at 3 yrs from vintage, none of mine have made it past 4

Great note. This is still one of my favorite all time wines, unqualified. I have taken my full allocation for the last 3 years and keep buying any I happen across at retail.

I do enjoy some other stateside Trousseaus (Arnot Roberts) and of course some from the Jura (Gahier, Ganevat) but as an aside, does anyone know of any Bastardo varietal wines from The Douro being imported into the US yet?

I agree Sandlands is fantastic, and the best CA Trousseau I’ve had, and better than any I’ve tried from Jura. Not quite Douro, but the other best Trousseau I’ve had was from Algueira in Ribeira Sacra, where it’s known as Merenzao.

I randomly opened a 2010 Sandlands Mataro a few weeks ago - wow, one of the best wines I’ve had in the past year. Great purity, delicate yet intense, just beautiful. Best features of old world, new world and AFWE rolled into one.

I’ve loved the Trousseau as well. I just got my case of new arrivals today. This is moving to the top of my producers list.

Thanks Buzz
We drank one last week–just can’t seem to stay out of them.

Put in my first order about a month ago and was lucky enough to pick up 2 of the 16 Conta Costa Mataros. (along with a Chenin Blanc). Can’t wait to try.

Thanks for the note and +1 on Buzz taking the best pics (long time lurker, first-ish time posting here).

Nice note Buzz. The Sandlands Trousseau is killer. One of my favorite CA wines right now.

Great note, add me as yet another who’s completely in love with Tegan’s Trousseau and can’t get enough of it.

Is the wine list closed on this producer, and what is the general range of pricing?

Alf, this was the pricing on the current release:

2016 Amador County Chenin blanc
@ $24.00

2016 California Chenin blanc
@ $22.00

2016 Sonoma County Trousseau noir
@ $28.00

2016 Contra Costa Carignane
@ $28.00

2016 Santa Lucia Highlands Syrah
@ $35.00

2016 Contra Costa Mataro
@ $28.00

2016 San Benito County Mataro
@ $35.00

Nicely priced given the love! Thanks.

I signed up about 4 months before the 16 release and did receive a small allocation.
Apparently, they do an initial release for existing customers and then open the remaining wines up for the stragglers… I was a straggler.

Same here. Signed up about the same time, also part of the straggler offer, and was offered 2 X Contra Costa Mataro, and 2 X California Chenin Blanc. Everything else was sold out by the time I got the allocation.

Patience will pay off. I doubt that you will remain in second-tier purgatory for long… :slight_smile: