TN: 2014 Peay Vineyards Pinot Noir Scallop Shelf Estate

  • 2014 Peay Vineyards Pinot Noir Scallop Shelf Estate - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (10/15/2020)
    It’s pretty common that I take the first sip of a wine, and get a rush of pure pleasure. With most wines that fades back to a more sustainable level in a few moments. Not so here. The first sip was a hit to the face of bright red fruit, leafy earth, spice and sea spray. Two hours later the energy was sustained, an emerging floral note joining the complex chorus. It’s gardenia, a scent I have always loved, and that draws me back for more. It’s clearly California from the sunshine infused fruit, but also its own place. State and country lines are arbitrary. Grapes don’t care. The are where they are from. This is truly amazing.

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Ive been a fan for a while and as I pull away from other lists this is one I want to buy more from. All their wines are great. The Les Titans Syrah explodes from a glass and the estate Chardonnay is wonderful with several years in the cellar.

Ive been to the property twice and it is beyond stunning. It basically requires your entire day to go out. The expereince driving there, walking the site with Nick and hanging out on the veranda with him for a couple hours remains among my favorite all time wine country experiences times two.

Nice note David. My largest producer holding so I’m clearly a big fan. I hope you have a couple more to try in future years. We did several library zoom tastings with Andy Peay this summer and my main takeaway was I haven’t been aging my Peays long enough. I thought all the Pinots and Syrahs gained complexity without fading at all with 10+ years in bottle. I’d venture the Syrahs really need 15+ years for my palate. Even the entry level 12 Sonoma Coast Pinot showed better the following day after opening (half the bottle recorked in a 375). Cheers!

I have one more. I have been a periodic buyer of Peay for the last five years, but that purchase pattern is going to get much more consistent.

Peay is my largest holding and I intend to keep it that way

This captures my notes from a tasting a couple years ago. It was great to go through the lineup, and the scallop shelf was my favorite. Amongst the 100 or so other very competent wines, this one and those from Littorai and Hirsch stood out.

Yup, Peay, especially the Scallop Shelf, is the real deal. I have a vertical back to 2010.