TN: 2014 Once & Future Wine Zinfandel Old Vine Bedrock Vineyard

  • 2014 Once & Future Wine Zinfandel Old Vine Bedrock Vineyard - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Valley (5/11/2016)
    Right off the truck…cork popped and left to cool in fridge for 30mins…wonderful bright red berry fruit here…raspberry, strawberry, cherry…showing the PEFECT amount of sweetness to dryness…and crunchy tart berry fruit. Big liqueured berry mouthfeel…silky smoooooth…vanilla oak barrel, dusty cedar, cinnamon spices, licorice, cherry liqueur…great acidity, really making the wine fresh, yet with all that rich complexity. Plenty of guts for age…not as brambly as Zin gets…but does speak of Zin…Old Vine at that…in a Grand Cru quality way. Even the hefty bottle commands quality! Don’t want to be a homer here…but this is some REALLY TASTY ZIN! Glad to have 5 left to check out in the next few years…but honestly wish I had a case! (94 pts.)

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YES!!! Thanks for stepping up and popping one Buzz!

Sounds awesome, and I can’t wait to get mine this fall.

So whadya think - do those open-top redwood fermenters create a noticeable/unique flavor profile?? Been curious how those bad-boys effect the wine at this point.

Nice! Really looking forward to tasting my first one in the fall too. That’s a lot of info on the back label. Thanks for posting!

Zalto Bordeaux?

Thanks for the tasting notes, Buzz!

I truly regard this effort by Mr Joel Peterson to be a landmark in California (Zinfandel) wine history!

Any information on how much non-Zin* grape material is in this wine?


  • Apologies if this issue previously has been addressed. :slight_smile:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Bravo.

…check out the alc…looking forward to receiving! Thanks for the note Buzz…


Another complexity here in this wine…knowing the Godfather of Zin is at the helm…and the 128 yr old vines that have experienced a LOT of history!! Adds to the pleasure!

After reading this I wish I had bought six instead of just four.

FedEx Home visits me Saturday with this. Can’t wait.

Mine arrive tomorrow.

Thank you for taking one for the team. From the TN, it doesn’t sound like you suffered too badly.

David Z. Is that you in the photo?

Is there another zin out bottled at 13.7 %, love the potential of these wines and like everyone else glad that i snagged a few bottles.

What about the PS Buzz, you popping one of them soon ?

I also opened one on arrival. And while I agree with some of the tasting notes above, my only caveat is it seems a bit lightweight for a Zin. I mean it comes across as a Dirty and Rowdy version of Zin, light in body and color. I can see a great Rose from this fruit. High on the acid and rather muted on fruit. I doubt if I would have ever picked as a Zin in a blind taste. Not bad but not what I was expecting. Will follow the progress of this one bottle over the next couple of days and put the others to bed for a while.

Damn but these bottles are heavy!

Mine arrived today. Thanks Joel. They look nice and the bottles appear to be the same as what Morgan uses for his Zins.

Ok, I had to pop one too out of curiosity. I declare this a Zin.
Dark, tannic, red fruits, bramble, vanilla, pepper, clove and herbs. Needs lots of time. In the words of Aaron Rodgers " RELAX". Chill on these for years.

I just lifted this case into my car. Are these Pax??? Herniariffic!

Extra heavy bottles.

Thanks for the notes guys. I’m sure I’ll still pop one when it arrives in the fall (I have very little self control)…but I’d LOVE it if someone would try the PS.

Virtual fist-bump to the first brave soul who does it.