TN: 2014 Marcel Juge, Cornas - Stream of Consciousness Thoughts

A truly fantastic, and very open, complex wine. So much better, right now, than it’s 2015 sibling.

Black olives, tapenade

Brine, oyster shells

Humus, rich forest floor

Incredibly fragrant

Black pepper spice

Red citrus fruits

Herbal, herbaceous

Mineral driven

Ferrous metal

Pittsburg-style ribeye

Cured meats

Green bell pepper rind

So fresh

Soil to glass transfer

A maestro (Marcel)

(96 pts.)

PS. This 2014, now the third bottle I have opened, is one of the more enjoyable young Juges that I have had, like 2011. I expect more long-term from vintages like 2013 and 2010, but amazing how complex this young Juge is.


Sounds awesome. I only have a small stash of the 2012 (before it became unobtainium for mortals like me). Any idea if its worth cracking one now?

I opened one in December and it did start to close up about 60-90m after pouring. Great experience though. My note:

An arresting nose: herbaceous funk, barbecued pork, and a light touch of soil; then palpable power and concentration wrapped around a hidden core of red fruit; there is weight and impact but it’s delivered with delicacy and poise; the whole thing starts to recede behind a wall of furry tannin about an hour in but no regrets opening this bottle at this point in its life - my next visit will be in 8 years; very good minus with upside

Was reflecting this morning on the Juge. Really a unique, transparent, expressive display of Cornas. So different than most other producers, with the exception of Allemand. Both more on the - and I generally do not like using this expression - Burgundian style of Cornas. This month I have opened Gonon, Gilles, Rousset, Levet and some other Cali syrahs, none compare to this Juge. Only Levet compares on the level of distinction, but Juge is a cut above. A shame not to see this producer, his style, continue. Last of a generation. Makes popping a bottle difficult, but it really should not be. My sister came over last night for a family weekend, with her husband and older son that is quite the foodie, and we popped bottles with no rhyme or reason. My sister asked for something with black olives, we checked out the Rhones, and just grabbed the Juge without thinking. I just wanted her to try it. That’s how it should be.

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That is exactly how it should be. Good job!

Except they cost $500.

Perfect wine. Perfect note.

too many words
cleanse your soul with haiku
Lunatic better than imbecile*

*direct quote from talking dictionary circa 2005

Just a ‘casual sipper’ around these parts.

Except they cost <$50 on release.

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Except almost no one is able to source them at that price after the 2012 vintage. In 2013 I tried my typical retailers, including Flatiron where I got the 2012- no one I contacted was getting any. In 2014 I set wine-searcher watches, and all I found was at very inflated prices. I stopped trying after that.

I’ll admit, I got lucky. Got turned onto this wine around the 2007 vintage and got an allocation of a case up to 2014, minus the 2013 blip. And then Fu arrived. My 2015 dropped to a sixer plus a Maggie. These wines are treasures.

Juge is the bomb wine
A transcendent explosion
Of flavor Devine

Only Juge I had was from 03. Wasn’t blown away, unfortunately. Have you had it, Alfert? So curious about the 2010 and beyond vintages.

Nah, man. I’m a Johnny Come Lately. Started with 2007, 2010 is an amazing vintage. Was impossible to source before then while living in FL until the shipping laws changed.

03 Juge seemed a bit weird, though it’s the only older one I’ve had. I don’t think it’s representative at least compared to more recent vintages.

85 was lovely but unremarkable
86 was a good effort for the vintage but that wasn’t saying much
I haven’t drunk any newer vintages so I can’t comment

Lots of frankenwine resulted from the hot '03 vintage in France.

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I’ve been fortunate to taste quite a few 2014 N. Rhône’s, including Allemand Reynard, and found them all to be wonderfully perfumed and pure expressions of Syrah that are already drinking well. I’ve concluded that the critics only like big tannic vintages.

And big ripe ones!

I concur regarding the vintage. Similar to 2011 in that regard.