TN: 2014 Liparita V Cabernet-$20 ‘Solid’.

‘Normally’ $60…This is being sold at K&L for $20.
While a quite good ‘$20 find’ for Yountville cab, I can see why it’s not being sold for $60…no one would buy it.
As a PnP…
A very red-fruited, earthy nose.
On the palate, this runs somewhat medium-bodied, ‘crunchy’ acidity, more red fruit, a solid finish. Almost ‘gulpable’, and I mean that on its enjoyment…not like a ‘cheapy’ negative. Some complexity. It IS tasty, for sure. And yes, it tastes like cab.
A really wonderful house wine…at $20.
FWIW, for a value red, and cheaper…$13…I much preferred the Bastide Miraflors. It’s just ‘more’.

Liparita-La Jota. An absolute throwback to the days before abandoned plots of old vines became cult-wine nurseries.
Of course, Liparita now exists only as a label for wines made from purchased grapes, as Jess Jackson bought the vineyard after the 1996 vintage for a mere song.

Thanks for the note, I’d be contemplating giving it a go.

Thanks for the review Barry. I agree with your assessment that its a solid buy at $20. After reading your notes last night I went to the website and saw that they had 100 bottles in stock so I availed them of 24 bottles. I can see lots of “uses” for these wines, like PnPs mid-week, bringing a bottle to dinner for the couple who does not know wine, Happy hour at the office, etc…

Wow, Barry is a market mover now. Someone goes and orders two cases just based on one tasting note from him.

I will say, this wine does get priced at $45-65 from legitimate internet retailers. So it’s not one of those “pretend the original price was high so the price seems like a bargain” deals you see so often, in wine and elsewhere.

On the other hand, the CT scores and comments for the 2014 seem to be a step or two below prior vintages, with some people commenting specifically that they didn’t like the 2014 as much as prior vintages. So there’s that.

When I first got into wine I got suckered into a bunch of deals like this. I just don’t even pay any attention to these offers anymore. Yes, I’m sure there are exceptions and yes, maybe the wine ends up being decent sometimes, but in general, retailers don’t drastically cut prices out of the goodness of their hearts, now do they? [snort.gif] [swearing.gif]

No resemblance to the real Liparita.

20 bucks.

So is the real Liparita, if you know where to hunt.