TN: 2014 Jean et Sebastian Dauvissat 1er Vaillons

This is fn delicious. Light bodied but with some stuffing, great acidity and minerality and eminently crushable. One of the best whites I’ve opened lately along with the beau rivage. Just fantastic and was like $24.

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No doubt. My note from two plus years ago. 14 Chablis is so good.

2014 Jean et Sébastien Dauvissat Chablis 1er Cru Vaillons Chardonnay


Lots of lemon and cool-mineral-y edginess. Excellent citrus and saline flavors. Seriously tightening and puckering citrusy acidity on the finish. Needs some time to unwind, but one of the more compelling and affordable 14 Chablis I’ve had thus far. '14 Chablis is where it’s at.

Was this the VV? If so, I have 2 bottles I’m not super interested in keeping. My note:

Not as oxidized as the 14 Sechets we had a couple of weeks ago, but the style was the same. Very much Chablis. The nose has some apple and beeswax. The palate is all acid and chalk. We think this is a little lean. Very steely. No noticeable oak influence or malo. Hold?

I’m a fan (of the vieilles vignes, assuming the same) - my note last year was “Meadows’ note is spot on. On the rich side with great acidity and minerality that really shines on the long finish.”

For reference, Meadows said: "… dried orchard fruit, iodine and lemongrass suffused nose. There is outstanding concentration and punch to the powerful and palate coating flavors that deliver excellent length on the balanced finish that is shaped by a firm acid spine. This is clean, very dry and really quite serious. Patience required.”

Funny story, too - I bought a few of these from a restaurant selling off inventory, but I was thinking it was Vincent D when I made the purchase on their website! I thought I was getting a crazy good price, and even emailed them to tell them it seemed too good to be true, but even still am happy with the purchase : ) and happy to support the restaurant through tough times.

Yes it’s the vv, from envoyer

Sounds like a really tasty bargain. You might want to edit the title as Vaillons is spelled incorrectly. People using the search function in the future will thank you. champagne.gif

Any TNs on the 2014 J&S Dauvissat Preuses?

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Never tasted this producer before …
Two succesfuul Chablis …