TN: 2014 Jaffelin Chambolle-Musigny

I had read in a couple places that this stalwart négoce had been working towards better quality over the last decade, so I decided to give this a spin.

The nose was appealing; already a faint foundation of light sous-bois, some definite smoky oak influence, spice, and darker red fruit. Wasn’t the most compelling or complex, but pleasant and heady. The palate was the let-down, unfortunately; thin, especially in the midpalate, and just lacking weight and staying power of any kind. Finish a little acrid. The acidity was fine, tannins silky, but there was certainly none of the elegance or personality you’d want from any decent Burgundy villages wine.

Keep working it out, I suppose, but I’m not going to be along for the ride while they do.