TN: 2014 Domaine Bertheau (Pierre et François) Bourgogne

  • 2014 Domaine Bertheau (Pierre et François) Bourgogne - France, Burgundy, Bourgogne (6/27/2022)
    Still such a pretty little thang! Not much change since my last note a couple years ago…the essence of elegance and femininity…still showing a youthful crunch of fresh crushed raspberries and cherries…tart with some pomegranate, little tilled strawberry field earth notes, red licorice, floral dried rose prettiness. Drinks very lite in body, translucent, yet crazy how much expressiveness and complexity this wine reveals…all so graceful and subtle…and as I said before…absolute Chambolle…absolute Bertheau! Too bad they don’t make these Bourgogne anymore…drinks better than some of the 1ers I’ve had from them. (94 pts.)

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Damn! I forgot that they are not made anymore. I have some 15’s. Was that the last year?

Yes it was.

Out of curiosity, was this cuvee based on grapes from Chambolle, just including unclassified vineyards? Or from elsewhere in Burgundy?

Don’t know for sure, but would guess Domaine fruit declassified? Don’t believe Bertheau ever sourced fruit. @willamkelley

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I thought it was from a plot just outside Chambolle, but I suppose it could have included declassified fruit as well.

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Yes, from a plot within the commune of Chambolle-Musigny but outside the appellation Chambolle-Musigny.

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[give_heart.gif] mmm, Bertheau, mmmm. The 02 Amoureuses from a couple months ago is a strong contender for WOTY for me this year.

"2002 Bertheau Chambolle Amoureuses

I was going to write that this smelled like red Burgundy to me, but Nick said this instead “this smells like joy and love”. He is much more eloquent than I am :wink: We’ll go with that. And that is only the preview for what dances across my tongue. This is blindingly good. Simply gorgeous velvet, class and red and black strawberry and other berry fruit. There is just the lightest echo of chestnut and baking spice at the back. I’m a little depressed because this may hold forth as the best wine of the whole trip when all is said and done. An otherworldly wine for me and a strong, strong contender for WOTY. WOTN tonight"

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So was it purchased fruit, and they just gave up on it after 2015?

No, domaine. But François just couldn’t be bothered with it any more.

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