TN: 2014 Dirty & Rowdy Petite Sirah Fred and Dora's Vineyard Mendocino

Wanted to give this plenty of time to open and develop so decanted for nearly 3 hours. Nose was dark plum, blueberry, earth and subtle spice notes. The flavors were red raspberry, ripe blueberry, more earth and dirt with a touch of black pepper - sage. This wine has a good dose of mouthwatering acidity and there are some tannins in the finish but they are gentle and ripe (sweet).

It’s pretty amazing that a petite at 11.9% alc. could pack this much flavor. The structure from the acidity in this wine makes it far more versatile with food than most petite sirah. While we enjoyed it with short ribs it could match up well with some pork and chicken dishes, even red sauce Italian. If you don’t like Petite Sirah cuz it’s boring, monolithic etc, this will likely change your mind :slight_smile:.

If you have any there is no rush to open but if you do, give this plenty of air time.


Wonderful tasting note, Tom!!

I always regret not getting any of the Mendocino reds from Dirty & Rowdy.