TN: 2014 Clos Rougeard (Foucault) Saumur-Champigny

Ah, the d’Yquem of Loire.

There really is no compare. It’s that good.

I popped this one on a whim. Wife out drinking with a friend. Hit the PDQ for chicken strips and tater tots. What pairs best with fried stuff, well, a good red with some cut. Loire Cab Franc.

This 2014 is as I expected: excellent. A classic vintage in Loire. I know some of the critics are raving about the recent really ripe vintages like 2018 and 2015. Ok, sure. They are wrong. Classic is where it is at; classic never goes out of style. Think Audrey Hepburn. This Rougeard has a weightless, silky transparency to it that you just cannot find in other Loire reds. It’s ripe, the range of red fruits is broad, but while the acidic cut is there, it is still pure silk. This is an archetype Loire Cab Franc, has all the markers of green tobacco leaf, bell pepper, ash, crunchy red fruits, but they are all folded into a perfectly integrated, balanced display. The wine also reeks of dark rich earth. The soils here must be something fantastic as so many other Loire Cab Francs show dry earth to me (Clos Guillot excepted). Love the sweet tangy finish. The nose was a bit muted, being the only limiter here.

(93+ pts.)



I’m a chicken tender aficionado, but unfortunately have never had a Clos Rougeard. How many points for the PDQ on a Chick Fil-a scale? I’m intrigued because I’ve never heard of their chicken game.


PDQ is to Chick Fil-a as Rougeard is to Raffault.

Next Gen, baby. And the tots, oh so phucking good. Get the peanut butter milkshake too. It’s even better than my beloved Klondike bar.

Now before you partake the full Alfert flair, you need to join me on my Saturday 81-mile cycling route.


No pic of chicken strips = fail.

Interesting. Just popped the 05 tonight and was slightly disappointed. Wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great either.

The 2005 Les Poyeaux is off the charts fantastic. A top 3 Loire for me. I have not had the Les Clos that you had.

I’m now officially ISO: PDQ. 81 miles is not that far off from me. Just think if Gump would have let a few extra miles stop him. If it will pair with Levet the cellar is open.

Ps. The creamy garlic sauce looks like a Fine companion


I should caveat: I love the Les Clos but the present cost does not make sense from a qualitative perspective. The Les Poyeaux and Le Bourg is where the big qualitative leaps occur. Those wines can be mind-blowing. The Les Clos is certainly top of the Loire field, but hard to say it is worth 3.5-4x more for any other reason but the scarcity and cool factor. And of course, this was the last vintage before the Domaine was sold.

Wine on point, probably underripe for non savages. Could use a resident chef for sure the cuisine needs to be far more rustic to complete the Owlman aura. What is the going rate for a smack talking journeyman chef on furlough?

Umm… That would be Huet Cuvee Constance. Dude, i totally expect better analogies from an attorney!

Lol. The reference would have sunk to the bottom!

Just as d’Yquem would be the Clos Rougeard of Sauternes/Barsac.

The one time I had a 2014 Loire red vs. a 2015, I preferred the 2014. The 2015 was richer, the 2014 was longer.

All. Day. Long.

I’m not surprised with your palate. The 2014 vintage is so classic. I’m about to pop a 2015 Franc de Pied Loire and enjoy next to this Rougeard.

The two wines were from Fosse-Seche. Bought a couple of each so I can repeat the comparison over time.

The base wine is going for $200-300. Bourg and Poyeaux start in the high $300’s (ie same price I bought futures of 2014 Haut Brion and Mouton for) and go up from there.

Is it worth, say, two bottles of Conseillante or pre-Rolland Figeac or Montrose or VCC?

You and I both love Loire. Haven’t be able to handle the thought of paying that much for Loire.

Ante Phylloxera is, what, $60?

Note that I posted the question as well. You may need to re-check pricing, however, as Conseillante, VCC and Figeac are well up there now! I did put in an order for 3 more. Makes no sense but it is Rougeard. I love all of those wines as well. Just grabbed some more 2004 VCC for the pretty killer price of less than this Rougeard, but new releases are, what, $300+?

I think Le Bourg is every bit as great as 2014 Haut Brion and 2014 Mouton.

Drinking an Ante Phylloxera right now. You are right, this stuff is and has always been, killer. I’m still getting it for $50, at least that was my price on the 2015. I suspect it will hedge up. I have not grabbed the 2016 yet. This always seems to be a late release wine.

+1 from me. I opened one a year or two ago and it was singing.

This is why I stopped buying after the 2008 vintage. Prices just didn’t make sense for me.