TN: 2014 Château Petit Gravet Ainé, Saint-Emilion - Ugh.

I’m a bit surprised by how much I dislike this wine, on my first impression, but I guess I should not be surprised, given the high critics’ praise.

This is a unique, small-lot Bordeaux comprised of 60-80% Cabernet Franc, depending on the vintage. Has one of the highest concentrations of Cab Franc of any Bordeaux. Vines average 50 years of age. Hello, this should be right smack in my wheelhouse.

As a cab Franc lover - see my signature - this is a wine that I had to try. The problem: The lavish use of new oak and modernist winemaking virtually obscures the typicity of the grape. This wine could come from anywhere.

Overwhelming presence of new oak, high level of astringency. Highly-extracted wine, heavy presence of roasted coffee and chocolate. Shows every bit of its labeled 14.5% alcohol. And that’s in the 2014 vintage!

Major pass. What a shame. And evidently I’m the yak-palate minority, as this wine garners quite a bit of critics’ praise and solid comments and scores on CT.

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Hmm, I picked up a couple of on-sale bottles of the 2010 last year. We haven’t opened any, and while I’ve been expecting a new world aspect to it (which I’m ok with, to a point), I hope I don’t find it like you found in the 2014.

Robert, you’d better steer clear of St.Emilion - it clearly isn’t for you! I must admit I’ve never heard of this one. Sounds horrible.

It’s just too young…

Ha. You know better than that!

Yeah, Robert, why even try? OK, OK, the Cab Franc. 2014. But St. Em? Was enduring the pain of drinking this wine part of your training for your next cycling conquest?

Popped another one to check in after getting my Bordeaux Cab Franc game back on with @Julian_Marshall populating that Jean Faure thread. Still not a fan of this wine. Interestingly, neither was my son. He liked the Jean Faure much better. Actually, he also like the JF better than the 2010 Le Providence that I popped.

…still too young. :joy:

LOL, stop stalking me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well I hope you only bought two bottles! It would be interesting to know if the style has changed since - I looked at LPB’s notes on TWA and it doesn’t sound as if it has (it wasn’t in William’s 2020 in-bottle report).

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I bought the 19 and 20 versions on a lark for the cellar. We’ll see…….someday.