TN:2014 Château du Hureau Saumur-Champigny Lisagathe

TN: 2014 Château du Hureau Saumur-Champigny Lisagathe

Packaged in a glossy, like a tinted one-way mirror, dark shiny bottle. Very expressive bouquet with some oak and abundance of herb notes. Baby fat. Smooth texture, bright acidity, with all that good and very honest Loire cab franc character. Poise and Precision. Very long finish. Excited to try this in 10, maybe 15 years and, imho, line it up against the best CFs in the valley! A tremendously good buy at $28. A-

Thanks for the note on this, I was curious

Robert…how many bottles did u just purchase of this? I’m in for a couple!

LOL. Busted! [welldone.gif]

Ha, and that little phucker knows where I live . . . .

Eyes everywhere!

I am gun shy on shipping in ever since my order of couley duthiel went awol, never making to my storage…and I can’t prove that it wasn’t received (long story)…so now I just let Robert do it!!

Well, I hope you get your bottles this time around. You’ll certainly miss out on some good 2014 Loire stuff if you don’t.