TN: 2014 Ceritas Chardonnay Trout Gulch

  • 2014 Ceritas Chardonnay Trout Gulch - USA, California, San Francisco Bay, Santa Cruz Mountains (8/1/2016)
    Pale white gold color. Nose of white stone, acacia, grapefruit, white peach. Striking on the palate with precise layers of flint, grapefruit, lime, granny apple, and melon. Copious acidity and beautiful mineral spine. Longer finish of white fruit, rock, and grip. Most impressive at this early stage and certainly capable of evolving further. (92 pts.)

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Thanks for the early look Doug. I’m really excited to try one with a few more years of age and thrilled Ceritas is sourcing this fruit.


It’s cool that you know the vineyard. Purity is often apparent in Ceritas wines and in this case the underlying material is quite stellar.


I have a few bottles of this, but will wait a couple of years to open the first. I also have the '13 and '14 Arnot-Roberts Trout Gulch Chardonnay. The last '13 A-R was spectacular, but still too young. I opened a '14 A-R by mistake, and while promising, it was quite surly and a bit of a waste in its infancy. I expect them all to be spectacular with a little time based on my previous A-R Trout Gulch bottles, and on how much I love the Ceritas Chards in general.


  • 2014 Ceritas Chardonnay Trout Gulch - USA, California, San Francisco Bay, Santa Cruz Mountains (3/12/2016)
    The nose doesn’t give much up at this early open. A absolutely delicate wine, so light on its feet, nice slight acid, citrus, almost a touch of Sauvignon Blanc taste in the green notes, fruit is so slight. Lovely wine that is open for business now. (94 pts.)

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I was interested in this bottling as I was trying to decide on whether or not to purchase future offerings (I will indeed), and of course it was quite young. Lucky for me it showed well.


Nice note. Delicate and detailed to be sure, with some mineral authority to match.


I tried the 2014 Arnot-Roberts Trout Gulch for comparison and did not find it as interesting as Ceritas. Assuming both produce again or if another winemaker finishes Trout Gulch, I’d like to continue to try versions of this vineyard in 2015.

i tried one of the 2014 AR Trout Gulch chardonnays and I absolutely loved it! It had the steely dryness, minerality and acidity of a good Chablis. My 2014 Ceritas are still buried in my cellar so I have not had a chance yet to try them. (Maybe soon now that this discussion has come about.).

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