TN: 2014 Buoncristiani OPC Red Wine

A kitchen sink wine of 44% Cab, 24% Syrah, 20 % Malbec and 12 % Merlot. 14.5 ABV. Popped and poured it is massive black fruits and kitchen spices. It will overtake the flavors on my enhanced Kraft Mac & Cheese.

OPC is consistently a house favorite.

Used to be able to get it on WTSO for 29.99, really nice value at that price

Kraft Mac n Cheese (non-enhanced) was a starving student favorite back in the mid 70’s.

Used to be able to get 5 for $1 on sale. Added the occasional sale can of tuna for protein.

Grew up around the corner from the Buoncristiani boys and were family friends. Great to see them so successful. I reached out to them a few years ago with a congratulatory email and was totally blown off. I guess they got those high scores from RP and now they are big time. Oh well.

I had a couple of the 2010’s that were pretty good and not that big at all.

I have known the Buon bros for over 15 years and they have always treated me great with personal service. Never had an issue getting through to them with one of the bros always communicating with me directly. Wines are killer to boot.

The OPC goes with a lot of dishes with its combination of grapes. We regularly enjoy the OPC with pasta dishes, certain Mexican dishes and any slab of meat.

Had the '15 OPC a couple of nights ago, and it wasn’t massive by any stretch, IMHO. Very balanced and quaffable, actually. I enjoy these wines quite a bit.

Great QPR as far as I’m concerned. Somehow this crazy blends always works for us. Goes well with food or by itself on a Sunday afternoon. Been with the brothers B since the 06 Core and have always found the entire family warm and personable. Gracious hosts as well. Tampa is Buoncristiani country.