TN: 2013 Reverdy Sancerre Terre de Maimbray

nfl draft and some killer loire rose on a mid-80 degree day in chicago. hard to beat.

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Jeez, into the 80s in Chicago already? Sounds pretty ideal. Nice note tooch - I should keep my eyes open for some of this for the summer.

look at how excited Ray Lewis was to see Reverdy Rose!

Agree this was excellent … Just ordered another 6!

Thanks for the tip - I’m going to pick some up this weekend on my rose run at Binnys.

I always liked that wine when I was working with Peter’s wines.
Good Sancerre roses kick butt!
Ray clearly feels the same. Jaw droppingly good salty minerality and rising perfume!!!
Try the Gilbert Menetou Salon rose, Chooch. Way classy.