TN: 2013 Patrice Rion Chambolle Musigny Les Fuees

This is a stunning wine. Great job by Patrice Rion. Thanks Rob.

2013 Patrice Rion Chambolle Musigny Les Fuees

An elegant floral red fruited nose. Beautiful. Sensuous. The palate is seamless. Red fruited. Silky. Great acidity backs up substantial red fruit. Some barrel spice adds interest but doesn’t distract at this point. The finish is long and persistent. Wonderful!

Never had a wine from this vineyard… BUT I do have a couple bottles of Mugnier’s version from the 1999 vintage in the cellar!

Thanks for the TN. I have a bottle of this but I thought I’d give it a bit more time.

This is a fantastic vineyard next to Bonne Mares. Usually a little more structured, but this is a really wonderful version. The JF Mugnier version is wonderful. Same for Ghislaine Barthod. Jadot’s is really good too. Several others. I do love many of the 2013 reds.

Sounds really nice. I tend to favor red fruited

Don, I agree. The 2013 reds from burgundy that I have had have been delicious. Rob led a tasting of 2013 reds here in Denver in January and we were all very happy.

Best, Byron