TN: 2013 Novy Family Wines Zinfandel Papera Ranch

  • 2013 Novy Family Wines Zinfandel Papera Ranch - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (12/15/2015)
    Tight on night one, dominated by tannins and oakiness. But on night two it was ready for business. Shows some heat on the nose along with black pepper, blackberries. On the palate is brightness, black fruit, some structure.

This is my favorite Novy Papera to date, comparable to the efforts from Carlisle for half the price.

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Papera Zinfandel for less that $20?



Thanks for the nice write up on the wine. I actually think the 2013 is one of the two best Paperas we’ve ever made (the other being 2013. Maybe we get it right every 10 years). Full retail on the wine is $34. The $25 is I believe the wine club price.

Adam Lee
Siduri and Novy

Oh, so 65% of Carlisle. Still a great price if anything close in quality. Thanks for the note.

Adam, I presume you meant 2003 as well as 2013. My cellar is already screaming mercy, but I’ll be picking up some more of these and figuring out where to put them later!

Mark, given how thin margins must be for producers like Siduri as well as Carlisle, its amazing either of them can offer Papera for what they do. They’re both great deals.