TN: 2013 Jean Tardy - Nuits St. Georges "Au Bas de Combe" Vieilles Vignes (France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits)

2013 Domaine Jean Tardy et Fils Nuits St. Georges Au Bas de Combe Vieilles Vignes - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Nuits St. Georges (8/26/2020)
– popped and poured –
– tasted non-blind over a couple hours –

NOSE: expressive; red fruits — seem to be mid range on ripeness; some “cool” spices; quite lovely.

BODY: medium-light bodied.

TASTE: open and accessible; I really like this — “fresh,” but not highly acidic — just really well-balanced, which makes it quite moreish; 13% alc. not noticeable; amazing QPR — I purchased 3, and wish it had been at least double that; probably not much upside from here, but it does still show young. Drink now through 2028. Gut impression score: high 80s or low 90s.

Thanks for the note.

Hudelot-Noellat has a great (but relatively hard-to-find) bottling from this vineyard.

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I have the '14 of this wine, a couple bottles, but with the limited experiences I’ve had with Tardy, I’m afraid to drink them young because the oak treatment is so prominent

What’s the approx. retail price on that one, Jason?

Good to know, as I plan to buy future vintages if pricing remains as attractive as Envoyer was able to offer them at. This '13, as well as the '13 Vosne “Vigneux,” didn’t strike me as having obtrusive oak at all. So, maybe it’s a vintage thing?

I’ve found it tends to run in the ~$60 range. At the price it’s a no brainer for me. The vineyard is close to Vosne and it shows.

Mine was posted about here -

Wrote a private note to myself on the oak treatment as well, as it was so strong. This was back in January, so of course I can try again

I bought a bunch of the Tardy wines from that Envoyer offer too. Haven’t opened a Nuits yet, but a 2012 Gevrey Champerrier VV was really good and drinking quite well. Also tried the 2013 Vosne Vigneux, but that one I have to say seemed like it needed a lot of time for the oak to integrate and the wine to open.

Overall the wines strike me as pretty solid, given what village burgs go for these days, albeit with only a small sample to go on.

Envoyer has been the go to place for these Tardy wines. The ‘05 Vosne “Vigneux” earlier this year was fantastic.

Indeed, Hudelot Noellat NSG bas de combe is most often better than their Vosne village and certainly their Chambolle village. Mugneret Gibourg also makes an excellent NSG bas de combe.
The terroir is just below Boudots next to Chaumes and Malconsorts and gives great village wine.

Oh, dang … yours was an '11, a vintage that has some similarities to '13. Eeesh.

It’s been nagging me since I posted this, so I decided to pull another Tardy, since my heavy-oak findings seemed at odds with nearly everyone else’s experience. Pulled a 2013 Domaine Jean Tardy et Fils Chambolle-Musigny Les Athets, was quite pleased. Quite rustic and earthy, strong mushroom and fat, juicy red fruit on the nose. Still youthful, I do like the satiny-weight of this wine, very grippy acidity, well made.

Definitely worlds different from what I experienced with the 2011 Domaine Jean Tardy et Fils Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Aux Argillas and makes me wonder if that heavy oak I detected was some sort of smoke taint? I don’t recall hearing of any such thing in that region in 2011, however.

Sweet! Glad that one showed well, Todd. I’m pretty sure 2011 in Burgundy was essentially the opposite of “fires”.

I recently purchased a few of the 2016 of this wine through Envoyer; this morning they offered the 2015 — for anyone who’s interested.

Not as impressive on day two. I don’t think this wine has the guts to be a long-term drinker. It became a bit more stringent, even though I gassed the bottle

2013 Domaine Jean Tardy et Fils Nuits St. Georges Au Bas de Combe Vieilles Vignes - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Nuits St. Georges (5/1/2023)
– decanted 1.25 hrs before initial taste on Day 1 –
– tasted non-blind over 1 - 2 hrs on Day 1; revisited on Day 2 –

NOSE: zesty, high-toned, red fruited, and with a pleasant savory/spicy bent. Still shows as red-fruited on Day 2, but a bit deeper-pitched than on Day 1.

BODY: garnet-violet color of medium depth; medium-light bodied.

TASTE: dark red fruits of medium-light to medium intensity; not much finish; relaxed and just starting to develop some aged character (aged fruits; nothing earthy/funky/autumnal). Fruit seems to be falling away, so Drink Now. Still juicy and tasty on Day 2, with a slight hint of funk. Nifty little value wine here.