TN: 2013 Hirsch Vineyards Pinot Noir Reserve

  • 2013 Hirsch Vineyards Pinot Noir Reserve - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (10/7/2021)
    Rounding into a mature form, this is showing earthy character along with rounded fruit tones. The acidic edges have been sanded off, and the wine is of a piece. It’s surprisingly a bit thin on the mid-palate, but the finish has good sustain, so it doesn’t feel weak. Overall I really enjoy drinking this now, and would advocate opening bottles soon, especially if you have more than one. This was my last, but no regrets.

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Having mostly had these at younger phases, I always imagined that they would fill out later in their lives. What makes you say that these should be drunk now? Do you have experience with these at a much older age that was disappointing?

Not doubting you here, just looking for details!

I am basing it on the maturing of the aromas and the thinner than expected mid-palate.

Do you find they make their wine better than other other vintners working with their grapes?

I don’t think so. Of those I have tried, I prefer Failla, but I think that’s a stylistic thing, not any objective quality measure.