TN: 2013 Guillaume Gilles Cornas

My first time with this producer and what an introduction. This is thrilling Cornas, and I’m having a hard time coming up with a better QPR (this was $45).

2013 Guillaume Gilles Cornas
Primal and gnarly, this is a coiled amalgamation of iron shavings, minerals, and concentrated, deep brambly fruits. Yeah, this is tannic, rustic, and jagged. It’s on the lean end of the spectrum. But it’s also bloody and savory and even somewhat juicy. Highly mineral. The nose is already expressive, but this should really be special when it unfurls. Yes, please. 93

Good note, Ryan. Gilles is the real deal, right on the heels of Allemand and Clape, if not right with them. But $45? Where?

I’m def down with the GGC…hope it keeps on the DL.

Who is the importer?

Imported and sold by Envoyer.

That’s a bummer…they don’t ship to Maine.

Neal Rosenthal. It sounds like Envoyer is grey marketing them.