TN: 2013 Enfield Wine Co. Chardonnay Heron Lake Vineyard

2013 Enfield Wine Co. Chardonnay Heron Lake Vineyard - USA, California, North Coast, Wild Horse Valley (3/22/2016)
Holy minerality Batman! Lemon zest, sea water, peach skin and nuts make for a complex, Chablis inspired (yet clearly Californian) wine that hits every note. Just delicious, and a great antidote for a crappy day!

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This sounds like my kind of Chardonnay!

Thanks for the note, David!

Darn, a little late, Rieslingfan! I’d have bought more than two had I seen that tasting note earlier. I think I’m going to like these.

They’re very good and really open up with some air. The lemon gets a little curd-ier and there’s a great green almond flavour. Obviously Californian but as close as Cali can get to Chablis.

Had a bottle the other night that was just beautiful! Just my opinion but I think the Matthiason Linda Vista is a bit more chablis like then this wine but both are gorgeous wines and wonderful examples of great chardonnay coming out of California.

I had this on Monday night and also loved it. I found the richness of the wine and roundness of the fruit delicious and decidedly California. Great minerality that harkens to White Burgundy – perhaps more Meursault than Chablis to my taste.

Agree with your more Cote de Beaune then Chablis angle. Either way a great California chardonnay.

Interesting comments. I did not see the richness to go to a Cotes de Beaune model.

There’s a glass+ left that I will re-taste tonight.

I love this thread.

Thoughts on the 2014 of this?

Haven’t tasted it yet. Expect it to arrive in a week or 10 days.

Finished up the bottle last night, and the wine was leaner than on night one. Similar aromatics, but very steely. I left half a glass to warm up, and it stayed constant no matter what temperature.

Really good stuff!!