TN: 2013 Elio Grasso Ginestra Casa Maté Barolo

Started with a glass of 2012 Produttori del Barbaresco. The Grasso comes off much darker, riper, and richer, comparatively. It’s a bit volatile on the nose – not a fault – it really accentuates the aromatics – Luxardo cherries, some mint, and something earthy, suggesting mushrooms. This got pretty ripe… but it’s very balanced by the acidity. Surprisingly wide open right now. Very long finish. So good now… Loving these 2013s.

That’s a new one on me. Wondering how these age. Have a couple of 2010 and 08’s and hoping they don’t turn into DeGrazia soup.

I’m surprised the 2013 is open…the last time I opened a bottle (Jan ‘18) it was a tannic beast. I haven’t tasted the 2008 but think the 2010’s will be long lived…I don’t plan on opening one until 2020 or later.

I had multiple bottles of Elio Grasso lately. 09s, 12s, 13s when I was in the Barolo region at dinners and during my visit to the winery. The 13s were still beasts and the 12s were a bit more approachable. Zachy’s had the 12s on sale for around $55 which I jumped on and their wines in general are great QPR. I need to source more 10s. Also want to get my hands on some Runcon after tasting that at the winery.

I went through a Manhattan phase a couple of years ago and, as such, went through a few jars of Luxardo cherries. Sweet, dark cherry, very ripe, with some volatility.

Why would you make this assumption?

“Darker…riper…” Let’s say I have DeGrazia aversion when it comes to Barolo. Not sure if these have a lot of oak or not (some here have classed these as mid-modern styled), so I’m a little cautious on how they’ll age. Do you have experience with how they’ll age?

I’m fairly sure that De Grazia is not their importer and they use Botti for their non-riservas (they do use barrique for their riserva Runcot though). I’ve never found them to be modern, though I wouldn’t call them arch-traditionalists either.

I have a lone bottle left of the 05 Gavarini Chiniera, so I probably won’t crack into that for a few more years unfortunately. It was pretty tasty when I opened one a few years ago though.