TN: 2013 Domaine Bart Bonnes Mares

  • 2013 Domaine Bart Bonnes Mares - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Bonnes Mares Grand Cru (4/15/2022)
    WOW! What a nose. Very floral on the nose. Starting to really take on those secondary soy notes. Dark red/black fruit. Very Chambolle in many ways but very powerful. The palate still needs some time but the finish is very long. Absolutely stunning wine.
  • 2013 Domaine Bart Bonnes Mares - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Bonnes Mares Grand Cru (7/14/2017)
    Young red fruit which is very slightly on the herbal side. This gives interest and some complexity.
    Perfect acidity to me. (I love acidity)
    The finish is extremely long.
    This has a terrific life ahead.

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All I can say is wow! Great producer that is very underappreciated.

After tasting quite a bit of Bonnes Mares, I think this wine is almost an archetype for the area. Not as unctuous as Roumier but it has all the goods. Along with Bertheau, I think this is one of the best values. Bouchard has a domaine property there that is very close to this in quality and also a great value in Bonnes Mares. Heads up.

Big fan of Jadot Bonnes Mares

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not to toot my own horn, I have often touted Bart. Agree with you completely.

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Toot away Doctor.

I’ll tout instead.

As we all age touts turn into toots.

I’ve been told that Domaine St Martin is somehow essentially the same as Domaine Bart–any one have any further info on this? (I have a couple of Chambertin Clos de Beze from the former.) Had an indelibly delicious '96 Bonnes Mares from Dominique Laurent a few years back. I wish I had more, though some Jadot, 2013, I also seem to have cellared.

On Domaine Bart and Domaine St Martin, I found this: “Domaine St. Martin is a sort of virtual domaine that is a joint venture between vigneron Martin Bart and elevage expert and artesinal wine broker Patrick Lesec. Bart owns Domaine Bart, a Marsannay successor estate to the former Domaine Clair Dau (the vineyards of which were purchased by Louis Jadot). Bart tends the vineyards, farming to keep the yields low (but in balance) and harvests the grapes at maximum ripeness. Bart typically ferments the wine with a five day “cold soak” (pre-fermentation maceration) and fermentation that lasts 15 days. The Bart/Lesec cuvees are released not as “Domaine Bart” but as “Domaine St. Martin” to differentiate them from Domaine Bart’s own bottlings.”

I don’t know whether this implies that the Domaine St Martin Clos de Beze is the same or different from the Bart–seemingly different, though Bart definitely has some Beze as well as Bonnes Mares.

same per my understanding also. I have bottlings from both.

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Very regrettable thread as I have a vertical (1 bottle a year) for both Roumier and Bart and may have to stop them soon given the above misguided propaganda…

3 times the same wine I would say! As far as I know Dom Laurent sources Bonnes Mares and Clos de bèze from Bart but off course the wine sees different élevage

Interesting–as you say, 3 times the same wine, or perhaps better grapes.