TN: 2013 Ceritas Chardonnay Porter-Bass Vineyard

We decided to have this tonight with fresh orange roughy that had a butter, olive oil, white wine, lemon juice, caper sauce.
Decanted for 45 minutes, nose of crushed lemons, wet stones, sl. ripe apple, very inviting nose. In the mouth, burst of flavors, lemon, minerals, note of thyme. The laser acidity (Ceritas trademark) cuts through the sauce like a knife yet compliments the fish perfectly.
This is very young but if you are pairing it with a rich sauce and give it some air, it can be delicious as it was tonight.
Will check in on the rest of the bottle tomorrow.


I think the PB is my favorite Ceritas Chardonnay. Sounds like you had a great bottle.



Porter-Bass and Heintz are probably my overall favorites. It was a very good bottle. I always try to decant wines in advance, seems to really help at least I think it does :slight_smile:


Tom, sounds like a nice bottle. I haven’t had the Ceritas, but I have had the Porter-Bass Estate Chard… also with lip-smacking acidity… so the acid you’re tasting may be more the underlying fruit as much as the winemaking!

There is a big difference between the Porter-Bass and Ceritas bottlings. Different winemakers, different result.

Yes, the bottlings are quite different but imho both are quite delicious. And the Litttorai Mays Canyon bottling, made from the same vineyard, is a different expression again but also wonderful. Just a great site with meticulous grape growing. I visited there a couple years ago and was told about how meticulous they were, especially since Ted Lemon is quite the demanding grape buyer… and it shows in the different bottlings.

Haven’t had much of the Porter-Bass label, just a taste or two. The Littorai MC is in the same ballpark, for me the Littorai shows slightly more rich but not in a bad way. Both are great wines.

I forgot to mention last night that I find in some young Ceritas chards (for me 2013 Ceritas is young) that the oak pokes through a bit but the bottle last night had zero oak sticking out. Will see how it looks after 24 hours.