TN: 2013 Bodega Norton Privada Mendoza (Argentina, Mendoza)

  • 2013 Bodega Norton Privada Mendoza - Argentina, Mendoza (2/24/2018)
    Day 1: One of the most under appreciated wines on Cellar Tracker. Don’t assume South American wines can’t deliver like Bordeaux. This one delivers in spades. On the pop and pour the funk is in the house. Good minerality along with plums, spices and tobacco. Very complex wine and medium to long finish. This is great right out of the gate. It will be hard to hold this one for 3 days. 92 plus.
    Day 2: Still has that amazing funk on the nose/palate. I have only experienced that on a handful of South American wines. Funk, raspberries, minerality, plums and tobacco. Some nice fruits showing more promient on this wine. Really complex for a wine under $20. Finish is long. Will see day 3 and might have to go day 4 on this one. 92 plus.
    Day 3: Still offers the Bordeaux like funk along with more defined fruits. Blueberries, dark cherries, spices and minerality. Such a delicious offering. Even better than day 2. Just finishing up on my new wine business and could not have picked a better under $20 to celebrate with. 93 points
    Day 4: Not as good as day 3 but not surprised by that. Gets some Eucalyptus qualities that was not present prior. Still a 90 point wine on day 4.
    Conclusion: If you want to drink this wine now decant for a good hour. If you plan on enjoying over the course of a few days than pop and pour and let sit in the glass. Amazing stuff!!! (93 pts.)

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Had the 2014 about a week ago and was taken by how bright and acidic it was. Lots of structure and very Bdx-like. Tasty stuff!