TN: 2012 Van Volxem "Wiltinger Gottesfuss“ Alte Reben Riesling GG

2012 Van Volxem "Wiltinger Gottesfuss“ Alte Reben Riesling GG

120-year-old own-rooted vines based on red and grey Devonian slate soils. I am impressed, quite a silky texture and a fine&elegant structure. Flavors of pear, white peach, white flowers, moderate acidity and a convincing finish. Of course stylistically quite different in comparison to the GGs from Nahe and Rheinhessen which are marked by power and intense minerality. Instead here we have a bright&delicate Mosel Riesling with a strong emphasis on texture and structure by the cellar master Dominik Völk and the owner Roman Niewodniczanski. I recommend to open a bottle now, but there is no hurry. Finally, this GG got high scores by several german wine-journalists with around 95-97 pts. and 93/100 by MFW.



Beautiful note Martin. Hope all is well there.

DANKE Kelly, so far everything is fine. But of course everything is quite fragile.

I hope you and your loved ones doing fine too.

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An under-appreciated producer, in my opinion. I have a few bottles of the 2008. Might have to check in on one soon!

IN 2018 we had the first vintage 2000 Van Volxem “Wiltinger Braunfels” Vols from a quite cold cellar in the glass and it was surprisingly quite fresh and a great joy to drink. Here my TN:

Surprise of the night. Performed such light-footed with finesse. Surprisingly such slim and playful on the palate. I have to admit that I didn’t predict such a good performance, as the wines of Roman Niewodniczanski were in the first years such opulent or baroque that I had my doubt about the aging potential. BTW, here we have the first vintage of Van Volxem. Kudos to the cellar master Gernot Kollmann who is now cellar master of Immich-Batterieberg.



It’s always nice to see your notes here. Thank you for sharing.